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Former TNA Knockout Recently Arrested For DUI

Public records indicate that former TNA Wrestling performer Shannon Claire Spruill (a/k/a Daffney) was arrested for Driving under the influence last month in Florida.

The former TNA Knockout was arrested on Tuesday, July 19 at 8:51 p.m. in Hillsborough. She was officially charged with Driving under the influence with property damage. Bond was set at $500.

Spruill, who last performed for TNA, parted ways with the organization on March 15 as her contract expired and was not renewed. She subsequently announced that she had filed a workers’ compensation claim against TNA for injuries suffered while wrestling for the promotion.

  • elvisD

    I had a DUI 5 years ago, I lived it, did my time, community service, Madd class, Evaluation and court with countless amounts of money to go with it, I know to get a cab if I drink, I don’t understand why these so called professionals who have the money don’t use it to keep themselves safe, I didn’t at first and now am scared shitless to drive even after 1 beer. I wasn’t REBORN with the incident, but I did learn the errors of my ways and decided to call a cab if I drink, thats just the truth and if you ever had a DUI, you would know

  • Nicholas G

    An you want to know why TNA is so bad right now. This maybe one of the top reason. None of these wrestler are getting the message because Dixie Carter is putting up with this crap. Yeah Vince Mac may have done so in the past but now he is not. He would have Fired a lot of these wrestler who just keeps getting chances after chances. It like Dixie Carter don’t even cares at times. I am not saying just doesn’t it just feels and looks that way. At least Vince and WWE try the best they could now to get the WWE guys straighten out. But even Vince realize you can only do so much. Now dare I say WWE is not perfect with some of there junkies either but they are getting better. TNA is not even trying to clean up there act. I just want to see an effort from TNA that they are trying to clean up there act. I am not looking for TNA to be perfect but do something. Otherwise it looks like TNA don’t even care. Which again will tell the wrestler why should I.

  • shawn

    @Scooter a lot of people drink at bars and drive home. its just the way it is. if i want to go to Boston, im driving my behind back from the train station with a buzz. i feel very guilty and foolish considering i was busted back then, so i hate it when my friends plan to go, but at the same time i want to go have fun. now thats not worth hitting anyone with my vehicle if course, therefore my inconsideration.

    CM PUNKS PROMO can kiss my ass by the way. (evil grin)

  • scooter

    @shawn sorry man but it was just the way you said “its hard not to” I thought you were justifying my bad man

  • shawn

    @Scooter actually i would admit that i was young and stupid. thats the only excuse id come up with so dont act like i have no cosideration for anybody. dont fuckin misjudge me.

  • shawn

    @CM PUNKS PROMO so creative. experienced much or do you have fantasies of being one of the guys?

  • scooter

    @studDog turrets syndrome? also shawn age is no excuse for such actions how can you even excuse drink driving. Look personally I don’t drink because I just don’t see the appeal but I respect peoples choice to but douches like you who act foolishly then use alcohol as an excuse piss me off!

  • venom

    That’s a shame. She followed the foot steps of Fatt Hardy and The Hurricane. WTF.

  • StudDog

    Please excuse CM PUNKS PROMO: He does not know any better because he is a closet homo with turrets syndrome.

  • shawn

    i just laughed when i seen the headline on the homepage. another one!? shes lucky she didnt hurt anyone much like what happened to me, but i was 21 years old! but its hard not to drive home when at a bar drinking to have fun. im lucky to have like, 4 bars within walking distance of my place.

  • venom

    What is going on here? Is there like parties with all of these wrestlers drinking and cops waiting for them???

  • Kane

    Why are wrestlers in the south continually getting arrested for driving while impaired or drunk? Wrestlers cannot complain about being viewed as dumb jocks when they make dumb decisions.