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TNA Knockout Looking To Make A Change, Hulk Hogan Launches Nutrition Website

— ODB, who has not competed on television since being awarded a TNA contract by Knockouts VP Karen Jarrett on the September 1 episode of Impact Wrestling, stated on Twitter that she’s looking to make a change.

She wrote, “Im thinkn i need a change and its up to me to make this happen.”

ODB has also repeatedly stated in recent weeks that she’s trying her best to lose excess weight.

— Hulk Hogan has teamed up with Sports Nutritional Innovations, Inc. to bring consumers a new online nutrition store, The site features thousands of nutritional supplements

“I am extremely excited to partner with SNI to help people get the nutritional products and supplements they need to get in shape and build muscle,” Hogan said. “It will not only help people take their vitamins everyday, but give them an easy and affordable way to do so.”

  • Peep this

    Im gonna HULK up and order me some roids, I mean vitamins. Whats next Hogan for hair club for men?

  • MJ

    Didn’t hulk hogan say he chose a meatball maker instead of the grill and george foremen picked the grill instead? Wow! Hogan will put his name on anything just for that spotlight

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  • scooter

    I meant do not due AHH!

  • scooter

    ODB needs to due way more than just lose weight to be attractive

  • me

    Mickie James should make a change, and that change should be butt naked sitting on my lap

  • JipC

    Hulk Hogan –
    “I am extremely proud to attach my name to any product that pays me any form of currency. Coming soon Hulk Hogan artificial hips and the Hulk Hogan Nazi starter kit. Proudly endorsed by Hulk Hogan and Bischoff/Hervey Productions”


  • venom

    I guess Hogan’s vitamins is better than his steriods.