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TNA Knockout Posts Update On Sarita, Impact Wrestling Rating Plummets

— TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion Sarita announced Friday evening on her Facebook account that she recently suffered facial paralysis and missed her scheduled matches in Mexico as a result. She did, however, note that she is recovering.

In an update on her condition, it appears that she will be fine as she plans on appearing at next week’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, Florida. Rosita, her tag team partner, posted a message on Twitter from Sarita.

Sarita says, “Thank u all for your get well wishes. I’m in good spirits and resting up for the iMPACT tapings!”

— The July 7 episode of Impact Wrestling scored a a 1.11 cable rating, down from 1.27 the prior week.

The program drew 1,609,000 viewers over the course of two hours, down from 1,800,000 viewers the week before.

— Mr. Anderson and Miss Tessmacher are advertised to appear at Direct Auto Insurance 1425 Peters Creek Pkwy Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Friday, July 22 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


  • Matt

    the only thing wrong with anderson lately is that they have been flip flopping him too much lately, he never seems to be heading in one direction, always 3 or 4.

  • Rucdogg

    Its wierd when sting was champ, anderson was all over tv and sting wasnt there much, now since anderson has been champ, hes hardly ever on and sting is all over. also anderson does suck at being champ, he sucks period but now that hes champ hes got nothing to bitch about.

  • Jay EZ

    End Immortal, end TNA’s trouble.

  • venom

    I liked Anderson at first, but I don’t like him as champion. Maybe they’ll make him better. I hope he realizes taking cheap shots to WWE isn’t getting him over.

  • Prime Time Greatness

    tic-tok times ticking away from TNa. it’ll all be over by years end.

  • Chris E.

    Anderson is a terrible champ, unfortunately. Last week had limited commercial interuptions, so they should stick with that! Only so many times someone can handle the same freaking commercials over and over again. Extenz? Really? 5 hour energy tastes like crap and did nothing to boost my energy. Red Bull is much better.

  • RPM

    and I thought this weeks show was quite a bit better then last week..

    I really think Andersen is a terrible champion though.

  • Steve

    The rating plummeted because TNA has proven that wrestling doesn’t matter to them. There, I said it.