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TNA Knockout Reportedly Injured at Live Event Last Night

– TNA Knockout Tara reportedly suffered a knee injury at last night’s TNA live event in Beckley, West Virginia.

Tara was wrestling Gail Kim for the TNA Knockouts Title but had to be helped to the back by security and paramedics.

She wrote the following on Twitter after the show:

“I’m so happy right now even with a bum knee. WPF for Life”

  • kamala’s foot

    Jason is throwing a hissy fit because he’ll be unemployed soon.

  • Cenaheelturnplz

    TNA sucks because it doesnt have John Cena

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Nice PR there Jason, insulting other visitors and whatnot.

  • Chris

    Not a big Jason fan as I hate people with huge ego’s but he is right in this case sadly.

    Bobby Roode, James Storm and Austin Aries who are all getting great pushes in TNA at the moment and are better booked as well over your three guys.

    A push is a push, winning a title and getting a push to win a title is a push.

    The reason Roode turned heel was not because of angle, it was to make both Roode and Storm main event players. They have been building the fued between the two for over three months now and the match will happen at Lockdown. That one fued was built better then any fued WWE has built up in the last two years and I hate to admit that but it is the truth.

  • The Dashing One

    @Jason how are u burning them, u having what is called counter points. Joe is not getting pushed because he is main event star not a tag team guy. I agree they have the best women wrestling but when u let Kong go and then u let Roxxi walk away and decided to push Velvet Sky and have the nerve to let Melissa walk away. And six sided suck are u kidding me? that was one of the best things about TNA. And last time i checked Immortal is still around cause steiner, ray, flair, bischoff and gunner still claim Immortal. And the last heel turn was dumb becuase the only reason the heel turn happened was because angle was hurt noob. Also, u always say WWE wont push talent but last time i checked they have Barrett, Ziggler, Rhodes. Now lets see who TNA are pushing, um Garrett Bischoff, Gunner, and Crimson now i bet if u asked anyone who would they take they would choose the WWE 3. Now noob try and find three guys who can compete with Barrett(my personal favorite), Ziggler and Rhodes please try

  • Jason

    TNA Impact has 10 shows that will be produced on the road in 2012. TNA is under contract with Orlando Studios through May of 2013 to do a certain amount of shows which is why they are still doing shows in Orlando.

    The last heel turn was back in November and it was to make Roode and Storm into big single stars for the company which btw worked.

    No one knew Jeff was under the influence but thanks for show casing why the IWC is so hated by people in the business. The fact is Hardy was 45 minutes late to the PPV and no one could get a hold of him and when he showed up it was two minutes until his match which was then told to Bischoff who came out as soon as he heard.

    Garrett is getting a mid-card push? Nothing wrong with that, he is over in most markets.

    Jay Lethal sexual assaulted two female workers in TNA so he was let go. Your point is?

    TNA Impact has more wrestling than Raw and is nearly the same with Smack down while only having one show a week to produce vs. WWE’s two shows a week.

    Carter saved TNA back in 2003 you mark.

    Immortal is over and sold more dvd’s last year than any other DVD in the company by far.

    Joe is getting pushed; he is a tag team champion right now.

    So what, Matt Hardy is over and now it looks like he may go back to the WWE.

    Six sides sucked and thank god it is gone, AAA is the only promotion that should have that.

    TNA has the best women wrestling in the world you mark, try watching the product.

    In closing those are not points because if I can burn them all without even trying they are not worth my or anyone else’s time.

  • The Dashing One

    Well @ Joe I can see who disliked our previous comments! @Jason so we are retards because we are the only few people who have not bashed u for how u bash WWE yet u still find a way to mess it up. To add to the five things Joe said:
    1. Dixie Carter
    2. Immortal is still around
    3. Samoa Joe is not being pushed
    4. They hired Matt Hardy
    5. They got rid of the six sided ring
    Things like the six sided ring, the x division, and the KO were the thing that made TNA different however they have went away from these things. Now im glad Aries is champ and Shelley is challenging for the title and when Sabin comes back it will be awesome but now they have very little faith in the KO now (I have faith in Sky’s ass) but when they get back to what made them different it will help

  • JOE

    Oh I forgot to mention the fact that their slogan is ” where wrestling matters”, but yet there is more time given to promos than wrestling.

  • JOE

    1. Impact isn’t live and its always taped in the same location (Orlando).
    2. Too many heel and face turns. One second a wrestler is face, then he’s heel, then face, etc.
    3. The fact that they let Jeff hardy walk to the ring while “under the influence” is still blowing my mind.
    4. garrett bischoff is getting a push smh.
    5. Robbie E is still employed while they let jay lethal walk.

  • Jason

    List five things that you think sucks about TNA? I’ve asked this question before but never get an answer. I could name at least 50 things that I hate about WWE right now. But I will give you just five to name via to make it more easy on you.

  • JOE

    ^^^^smh I seriously hate when people say ” I can say what I want” then gets mad at someone else for giving their opinion. So if people are reading these forums they watch tna? Yes Jason calling wrestling fans retard is def the best strategy to get them to watch your product. Here’s a really good fact BOTH WWE & TNA sucks right now.

  • Jason

    If what I say turns people off from TNA than there are a ton of retards reading these forums. BTW fuck you all, I have every right to say anything I want to a close friend of mine as she reads these forums and is a good person. Go back to watching WWE for the retarded kind

  • JOE

    @ the dashing one I feel you, I even told him that doing what he’s doing isn’t going to change people’s opinion about tna. Who gives a fuck if people like tna or not, go on with your business. At the end of the day he’s actually turning people off from tna. Smh

  • The Dashing One

    @Joe its like dude we get it u love TNA and thats cool but the trolling on this website has got to stop. I loved WCW and it killed me when they were bought by WWF/E but I moved on because I got to see the storyline I wanted to see WCW vs WWF/e. Now my favorites weren’t there: Sting, HHH, Mysterio and others but because of that storyline Jericho became a main event player and it was pretty entertaing. Its just Jason has to get over it

  • JOE

    Nicely said dashing one

  • The Dashing One

    accept my bad guys

  • The Dashing One

    @Jason bro seriously don’t get me wrong I like TNA as I like WWE and I pray that TNA can make an impact(no pun intended) so we can have what we had in the mid to late 90’s. But dude please stop coming on here and pretending and bashing WWE fans. thats the beauty of wrestling we have a choice and some choose WWE. Me personally I love all wrestling, I have just now started watching ROH and shame on me for not watching sooner. Just except people will bash TNA but u are not the savior of TNA, I believe everyone will come around and except TNA but ur trolling makes people hate it even more!

  • b c Mitchell

    And before you can I’ll respond for you. “I know them all. We are one bug happy family here unlike the WWE. Plus I have personally wiped Hulksters ass after his last poop. So Ha. I even cleaned Dixies chin after Bischoff finished”

  • b c Mitchell

    Im not a betting man but I would wager that IF you actually work for TNA(big if) you don’t know any of the wrestlers personally. If they know you its not by name but as that guy who does something in the office maybe?

  • Jason

    I wish you the best Lisa, you have always been a great friend to me.