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TNA Knockout Says She’s Supports Barack Obama, Update On Angelina Love

— Barack Obama made history last Wednesday as the first United States President to openly support gay marriage. He spoke out on the matter Tuesday on the ABC morning talk show The View, which drew an elated response from TNA Knockout Madison Rayne on Twitter.

“Obama on “The View” discussing same sex marriage rights!!! Awesome!!! GoBama!!!” Rayne wrote.

Her remark drew ire from some of her followers; she responded, “LoL. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions guys. If you don’t agree with mine, cool. Disrespectful comments ALWAYS result in a block though.”

— Angelina Love, who has not competed on Impact Wrestling since the April 5 episode, stated on Twitter that she will be on hand for tonight’s taping in Orlando, Florida (air date May 24).

“Fun night in Orlando last night, now at the Impact Zone for @IMPACTWRESTLING TV tapings! Excitement!!” Love wrote.

The five-time TNA Women’s Knockout Champion returned to the road at last week’s live events in Louisiana, putting over Mickie James. She is advertised to face Velvet Sky at Thursday and Friday’s shows in Mississippi.

  • Soulja17

    Not a big fan of the queers, would be more accepting of people that are if that shit wasnt thrust out into public eye, trying to force us to embrace the issue!

  • Muppett

    and people wonder why advertisers pay less for timeslots on wrestling programming

  • TomC

    This just further CONFIRMS Madison Rayne’s abject MORON status

  • grizz

    Anyone that supports gay marriage is a sick perverted person. Let’s get the fag lovers out of office.


    Sorry i meant to say at least Romney ran a business and knows how to balance a budget, therefore he wouldn’t be writing checks our asses can’t cash. Somehow an entire part of a sentence got dropped from my comment. Conspiracy? lol


    I wish all people of the online community would do research before running off at the mouth.CC if you think for one minute that pres. obama has been in favor of same sex marriage then you must have been living under a rock during the last presidential debates and throughtout his whole term as pres. Check your facts he stated he wasn’t in favor of same sex marriages before, now he is saying “he had a change of heart” because of his daughters’ friends who have same sex parents. He has been a Wishy washy president the whole time and goes with whatever is popular opinion at the time. Horrible no nothing do nothing president and the guy that is going to run against him isn’t much better. On the other hand at least Romney writing checks our asses can’t cash. Just Two cents from another perspective.

  • fail

    I’m voting for BOB.BACKLAND

  • yofits

    This election, let’s put a white man in the white house.

    Obama is not a good man because he supports gays.
    The holy book does not allow same sex marriage.

  • reverse prince albert

    TNA knockouts talk way too much, no one cares for them.

  • CC

    To be honest, I am not a political person in the slightest, and have never understood why so many Americans will steadfastly stand behind a political party out of loyalty rather than whoever has the best policies. In this case though, I do think the comments on here do have something right, but are also a bit blinkered.
    Of course his comments are timed right, but at the same time that doesnt mean he doesnt stand behind that statement.
    Granted he has had a lot of time to say this, and probably should have said it a lot earlier in his term, but unless you are homophobic, his comments should not be seen as anything other than positive. Now of course if he fails to follow through on this statement, and does nothing about it, then thats when people should start bitching.

  • Turd Ferguson

    YOu fucking cock gobblers!

  • Devil_Rising

    Some of you motherfuckers are sad. Seriously.

  • 1919dpg

    pure politics. i’m for gay marriage and am glad obama is too but it’s obvious this is a political move.

  • Shawn

    Sheesh… they say blondes are dumb, but Madison takes that stereotype to a whole new level. Hopefully she forgets to vote.

  • ant

    yeah u would vote for romney noodle head

  • Deva

    duffman that was the obvious, I will see madison at LOTR and tell her I will vote for Romney to get her going and arguing ahhaaha

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I don’t mean to turn this into anything political if it is to happen but Madison is truly an airhead if she is behind Obama for this. He has had so many years to support gay marriage but only chose to when elections are coming up in a matter of months. Just an attempt to get the bi and gay community votes to stay in power…