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TNA Lockdown Attendance, Flair & Hogan’s PPV Segment, Bischoff Update and More

– TNA will tape Impact Wrestling tonight from Orlando. We will have full spoilers later this evening.

– reports that TNA had around 2,000 fans in a 9,000 seat arena in Nashville on Sunday night for the Lockdown pay-per-view.

– While Eric Bischoff was written off TNA TV at the Lockdown pay-per-view, he will still be working backstage as a top executive for the company.

– Matches for this weekend’s live events in Florida include James Storm vs. Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe & Magnus vs. Daniels & Kazarian, Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion, Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim, Jeff Hardy vs. Gunner, Matt Morgan vs. Crimson and Devon vs. Bully Ray.

– The segment between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair at Lockdown went longer than planned and caused the remaining matches on the card to get less time. Hogan reportedly went longer than he was supposed to on his part of the segment.

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  • dr. phil

    Explains why the crowd was so quiet and they had zero lighting on the crowd. Had to hide all the empty seats.

  • SYM

    Yo its a shame cuz LockDown was actually Decent. Better than Any WWE PPV in 2011 (EXCLUDING MITB). I’m a WWE Fan and all but 2011 Only picked up when Punk beat Cena. To Jason……Your like Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder.

  • The real proof that Jason isn’t in PR, is that he doesn’t know the difference between “Sells” and “Sales”.

  • The real wrestling god

    Why do you guys actually bother listening to that queer Jason? He’s nothing more than a tna super fanboy troll. He doesn’t work for tna only in his delusional mind. Yeah a guy who works for tna is gonna waste time going on dirtsheets trolling on anything negative said about the company he’s just a mark. They drew 2000 fans get over it no wonder that crowd at lockdown was so dead nobody was there. Jason you really work for tna prove it. Oh that’s right you have zero proof.

  • Jason

    lol at you thinking I’m just a low level TNA employee.

  • Mark

    So a major TNA PPV sold fewer tickets than WWE house show. Who’s actually surprised anymore? I’ve realized that TNA’s problem – or maybe challenge is the better word – is that the have as many fans as they’re ever going to get without taking fans away from WWE, which it seems they are not able to do. That was one thing WCW seemed to do well for a while. They had their own core group of fans from the NWA days, then managed to steal/share fans from WWE. TNA has old ECW fans and jaded WWE fans, but that’s about it. If it sustains the company, that’s great. But they had better be content on never being bigger than they have been the last 2-3 years. Just my theory; I’ve love to know what everyone else thinks.

  • Dave

    Poko I think your points are reasonable. The biggest issue is that TNA is at a difficult point in their growth. They have reached the level where they are at least expected to compete with WWE. That means bigger expenses in hopes of a bigger marketshare.

    Fact is nobody is talking about ROH going out of business. Reason being is they aren’t trying to take a piece of WWE’s pie. That’s a difficult task. A lot of WCW’s credit is given to Ted Turner’s backing, the poaching of major stars etc. But the NWA/WCW had been worthy competitors to the WWF for a long time and even arguably stronger, decades before the Monday Night Wars. Now the general public views wrestling AS the WWE. Its not conditioned to see other companys as competition, just as “some other wrestling show”. It’s sad but true.

  • all american hero

    At Jason go eat a Dick and @ Matt Dixies mom and dad keep it open

  • poko

    I don’t know the actual numbers, and I have no idea if Jason is posting real numbers or not. It really doesn’t matter, though. Even if we assume that the 2,000 tickets sold number is correct, I still don’t understand the “TNA is going out of business” line of thinking. Wrestling promotions back in the day used to draw a few hundred people at most. You’d have to know their gross AND their overhead to calculate what kind of financial shape TNA is in.

    I used to own a small video rental business. Was it as big as Blockbuster used to be? Not even close. However, it was still profitable. You can’t directly compare different corporate entities without taking scale into account. It’s childish to think otherwise.

    TNA likely generates a fair amount of revenue from commercials, merchandise, ticket sales, and PVP buys. How does that impact their bottom line? I have NO idea, not without knowing what their expenditures are. If someone wants to claim that TNA is going out of business, they’d better have something besides “they don’t make as much as the WWE”, or they’re going to come across as ignorant to anyone who knows business.

  • JohnCena33

    Stop bullshitting yourself. I had 2000 tickets and those were rich men looking to by TNA to just get rid of it.

  • Superman

    ^^^and he’s a liar as well

  • Dave

    Jason- TNA doesn’t mind that their low level employees are posting cost and earnings as well as gross/net profit estimates on a random website? That in itself is a huge problem and would surely be a major issue at any decently sized company regardless of the industry.

  • Gman


    Your an idiot.

  • Jason

    BTW just to add in the gate sells/taking into effect.

    General admission gross made from the gate
    $: 150,000

    Amount made from all front row sections
    $: 172,000

    Just off of the total gate sells the following was made in gross
    $: 322,000

    That is not counting the amount made off of autographs and merchandise which I can tell you now were easily over $25,000 in sells.

    Food sells go to the venue

  • Jason

    I never said that was the only cost, you got travel cost/hotel cost/promotion cost and building insurance cost but even with all of that the amount of money made just off of the front row ticket sells would cover the cost of all of that. $172,000 made off of just the front row section sells.

    Wrestlers that are on contract don’t get paid to work a PPV because they already get paid via there contract. Hogan and Flair are paid for by Spike and the talent that have a paid per show deal would be the only extra cost but even then the front row sells would cover all of it.

  • Stevie P

    Does that $15,000 include costs for the crew behind the scenes and the wrestlers as well? I know Hogan demands a lot so I’m not totally buying that. $160 bucks for front row is a bit much but then again I wouldn’t pay that for any ticket. If that is the case to each their own I guess.

  • Jason

    Well seeing as how the venue only cost $15,000 to book and having 1000 front row section tickets to sell each at the price range of $100 to $160 bucks a ticket.

    To add to the fact that merch always brings in at least $5000 to $10,000 dollars a night in sells when we do road shows of anykind. I think we did just fine.

    Thank you Steve for asking in a classy way.

  • chronoxiong

    Only 2000 people attended the show? Ouch…

  • Stevie P

    Out of curiosity, how much was it to get into the event? Even at 4500 sold tickets I’m sure the profit margin couldn’t have been that great.

  • Jason

    Poko you are talking sense but don’t expect any of these tools to understand your smart mind or your simple point.

  • poko


    The problem is, people keep comparing TNA to WWE. You don’t have to be a billion dollar corporation to have a viable business. Much, much smaller wrestling promotions than TNA exist. You just simply have to have less overhead. It’s not like the profit from 2,000 tickets is something to sneeze at.

  • Jason

    4550 people paid to get in. These dirt sheets need to stop bullshitting people.

  • Stevie P

    Hogan took more time than he was suppose to? That’s a first.

  • Matt

    How does this company afford to keep their operations running? It’s mind boggling. If I wake up one day and see that TNA was busted for drug trafficking or something it wouldn’t surprise me.