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Why TNA Has a New Masked Mexican Wrestler, Ric Flair Has Surgery, More

– Jeff Jarrett will be a special guest for the Nashville Sounds at their opener in Nashville tomorrow night at Greer Stadium. Jarrett will be signing autographs before the game and will speak to students about the importance of reading.

– Ric Flair underwent successful surgery yesterday to repair a torn rotator cuff that’s been bothering him for a while. Flair put the surgery off until after TNA’s Lockdown pay-per-view so they could finish the storylines.

– As noted before, TNA debuted a new masked Mexican wrestler named Sangriento on Xplosion, defeating Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal in a three-way. The man behind the mask is none other than Amazing Red.

The new masked star was actually an idea from Spike TV officials. They wanted TNA to introduce a character that would counter-act WWE’s Sin Cara. TNA considered various independent wrestlers for the role but decided to use Red. No word yet if he will still wrestle as Amazing Red.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Ricardo

    The problem is not copying – that’s how everyone does business. The problem is that when the WWE sees something good in TNA, they take the idea and develop it, turning it into something better, and making it look like it was their own idea. When TNA wants to copy WWE, they really just “copy&paste” with nothing new added. Besides, WWE is the market leader and TNA is still trying to establish itself. If someone needs to be new and original to grab market share, it’s not WWE – it’s TNA. The more TNA copies, the more TNA sinks.

  • sandman

    really tna only copies wwe
    who came first beautiful people or laycool
    did beautiful people not have developing problems before laycool
    sounds like wwe coping tna happens boyh ways

  • An Angry Fan ;(


  • erik

    guys wwe wcw and ecw would copy each other all time in 90’s. wwe copied ecw hardcore matches with attitude era. wcw copied wwe royal rumble ppv match. tna and wwe stealing ideas is nothing new to me.

  • theviewtvshow

    i love reading news about tna fucking up more and more, and these cocksucking faggot try to put their retard spin on it to make it seem like its wwes fault
    yes its wwes fault tna management is retarded 😀

  • F U

    @Orkyboy nobody is whinning about TNA; if you would have read the article it clearly says they are doing it to counter sin cara; so WTF are you talking about; theiting obese for doing shit they can’t and i guess that means you watch Tna; lmao even the name is a joke

  • venom

    I only hate TNA is because Hogan is killing it. it’s WCW version 2. McMahon bringing in Snooki was copying. He only did that to one up TNA.

  • gerg357

    alot of you guys dont know what youre talking about and some do know whats up..

    Sin Cara isnt that great he has some flashy moves.. and last i heard wwe wasnt that big on him

    Amnazing red use to be a great wrestler before he got hurt i havent seen much from him since.. he could easily be a rey rey in his own right.. maybe this masked guy could be for the good who knows?

    There is no way to not copy someone in some form. Look at elvis he wore bug glasses hell look at christian at one point he wore big glasses as well so you could say john morrison is ripping off elvis and christian because they both had glasses like that before morrison was wrestling..

    TNA did copy the wwe annonymous gm with the network. But wwe copied tna by bringing in that jersey shore chick… so where are you tna haters at on that one? Both companies have copied each other in some form. And i liked sharkboys stone cold rip off it was very entertaining.. Stone cold didnt mind it he thought it was a cool idea himself.. So i dunno why you all have to be haters… Haters gonna hate players gonna play i guess

  • Kannon

    10-10-10 came before 2-21-11. I watch both shows and they both have major flaws. My problem with TNA is Hogan and Bitchoff. As for WWE they spit the same crap over and over. How many times do we have to see King and JR get their “ankles broken” by Swagger and Cole? Or how about the same people for all their titles. Cena, Orton, Miz for the WWE title. Daniel Brian, sheamus for the us title. Don’t get me started on the tag titles. BRING THE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE BACK!

  • Jo

    but if u look at TNA from the start n now like sharkboy mock Stone cold words n like the pope wearing john marrison type of Glasses n like TNA should stop copying off WWE n agree with other ppl on here as well but lets see what wwe would do with Awsome Kong very soon will her TNA career vs her WWE Career be orignal or the same

  • jim

    USA network interviewed a couple of divas to play the laycool roll.but they went with layla and michelle mccool.see what i did there.anyone can say spike tv did so still doesnt prove jack squat.i mean really an internet rumor site typed it up and posted it as fact.doesnt mean its fact.

  • Dale

    For those who say TNA isn’t copying WWE with Sangriento, it literally says that spike tv did it to counteract sin cara….

  • Stephen

    I watch wwe and tna

  • jim

    right on adam..finally someone on here who will call it right down the middle.most only will see the flaws of the company they arent a fan of.if many would take off their rose colored glasses they would see that both companies are full of it at the moment.

  • adam

    ya but most of the stuff its obvoius that tna has copied. I mean you cant honestly say abyss charchcter is authentic. Also them stealing the 2-21-11 promo’s just to try to take a shot at wwe because they got sting. Since sting has been back what has he done he beat a drugged out jeff hardy and now there trying to find a top person to go against him but they cant really. Like i said before i like both compaines its just tna and wwe both make it really hard to like them at times. With tna its when they braught in hogan and bichoff and do the wwe thing and ram them down our throats. With wwe its them constently shoving cena at us. both companies are flawed but i dont honestly see either getting any better any time soon

  • jim

    also you never seen wrestling sites say..why wwe has team laycool aka ripoff of beautiful never saw a headline that read that but now just because tna has a masked wrestler its automatically to copy time i see a pin fall on wwe programing we should get a headline saying WWE copying AWA considering they were having pinfall matches before wwf was even thought of.

  • jim

    the day tna goes off the air if it happens.on that day we will find out who the true wrestling fans are.true wrestling fans will see it as a sad day in wrestling..the typical marks will be cheering thinking wwe won a battle.when in reality there is no battle to begin with.tna doesnt even compete against wwe for ratings.thats why i dont really talk wrestling with anyone anymore.most fans now are just a fan of the three letters in front of the WWE raw or TNA impact.its sad really.back when i was coming up we enjoyed watching nitro and its if you like wwe you have to hate tna or if you like tna you cant like wwe.vince has brainwashed many to accept the crap he puts on as entertaining wrestling.when it really is not.though tna sucks rather watch a small time company try to work their way up and have some struggles than to watch a company with tons of money and resources continue to put on lack luster shows week in and week out.

  • jim

    not one time in the write up did it say..anyone confirmed that is why amazing red put on a mask..this is just typical internet news sites bashing TNA in favor of wwe..most of the so called news sites are so biased against tna its sad..they claim they love professional wrestling but they continue to bash one organization while the other one gets praise even though they suck also.

  • damien

    @adam i feel bad for your mom, knowing that she popped out a peice of shit like you out of her vagina.

  • I don’t feel bad for TNA “creative” whatsoever. Their moronic decisions are going to finally put TNA out of business, and then ROH would take their spot on Spike. I can’t wait until that happens. What I do feel bad for are the wrestlers that have to put up with creative’s bullshit. I also feel bad for young fans who will never get to experience what most of us as pro wrestling fans have experienced.

  • venom

    So Spike is The Network. lol. I’m sure Spike can’t wait to get rid of TNA.

  • Matt

    its stupid to push a wrestler because of his ethnic heritage.

  • cheesehandler

    where oh where is that douche bag tomc…..i know if he was reading this he’d tell ya tna is where its at…and how tna is going straight to the top….right tom…now this is where you get offended and try for an educated attempt to make yourself look educated.

  • Stevie

    ICE, so did WCW. TNA and Spike need to stop worrying about WWE and work on themselves.

  • adam

    well tna did kind of do that but way late. When christian debuted in tna he had the countdown thing in his video. That was to make people think it was jericho though.

  • ICE

    in the interest of fairness wwf did copy original ecw alot

  • Rucdogg

    If he still wrestles as Red and the masked guy, does he get paid twice?

  • Dale

    @Jason. He’s saying WWE & tna are copying each other. Jericho’s debut & return were all created by WWE. It’s not like TNA did it before

  • Jason

    @stockshark and Chris Jericho pretty much did the same the thing when he debuted for the WWE in 99 and returned in 07

  • Bill

    Hey, I was right! BTW, I always thought that Fortune was a cheap Evolution & Abyss was a Kane rip-off.

  • adam

    @Orkyboy ya there are many of mexican masked wrestlers. But they are using amazing red instead of going out and getting a masked wrestler from mexico. I really do like amazing red but sin cara is better.

  • stockshark

    Ok have to chime in here 10-10-10 came long before 2.21.11 or 3.3.11!!!!

  • the gothec leprecun

    actually the current tna creative has nothing to do with abyss he came up with that him self in like 2003 in wwc so you cant blame it on them

  • RAW GM

    TNA team = WWE COPY

  • Orkyboy

    I think people should stop whining about TNA “copying” WWE with a masked wrestler. WCW had lots before WWE and Rey Mysterio came from WCW to WWE so who can possibly complain about anyone else doing that?

    There are many masked Mexican wrestlers across the world and they have been masked for as long as there has been professional wrestling.

    I doubt that there is an original idea left to put into a wrestling show (or WWE) or a storyline or character that isn’t based on another out there already. Get over it people!!

  • Jigsawkilla714

    they already had curry man.

  • Steve

    It’s sad, in the beginning of TNA, they truly were original and that’s what built up their fan base. Think about it…

    6-Side Ring
    X Division
    Knockouts (Women that could actually wrestle!)
    Less talk, more wrestling

    Now they’re a cheap, non-‘entertaining’ ripoff of WWE. It’s truly a damned shame.

  • Jon

    Guys,guys, I hate what TNA has become but you guys are not reading. This was spike idea not TNA. So I wonder who really controling TNA.

  • Ray

    Why can’t TNA just go off the air already? Jesus. GO, AWAY, ALREADY, TNA! You SUCK.

  • Kygos

    lol So who is bored enough to watch TNA anyway?
    @ 5 hours of Raw and Smackdown a week is enough for me.

  • T1918

    I think TNA needs a new way to do story lines as well. The “cameras” invisible but is sometimes there to hit, i dislike.


    I agree, TNA should stop copying what WWE does, but that’s how it is in the heat of competition. If TNA were come up with a good, original idea (…and that’s a BIG IF!!) it stands to reason that ‘Ol Vince would try to copy it in some way and claim it as his. That’s just how the game is played….

  • shawn

    seriously, i dont even think that’ll last long on air.

  • The Man

    Total NonOriginal ActionPacked Bullshit

  • Steve

    I feel bad for TNA “creative”.

    Mankind – Abyss
    Nexus – Fortune
    2.21.11 – 3.3.11
    Raw GM – The Network
    Sin Cara – Sangriento

  • dlb

    why don’t they team up red and crimson since they are “brothers” and help out the tag division since they are messing up the other teams. let red be red. oh wait thats all sorta logical so it won’t happen

  • CC

    Fer fucksake, in the midst of all the negative accusations that TNA is just copying WWE, the network then out and out tells them to copy WWE.

    Just push Amazing Red as Amazing Red, stop with the stupid copycat gimmicks and promos etc.

  • !?

    If it’ll get Amazing Red a push, then I am all for it.

  • Damien Phoenix

    TNA please be original. Just because it works in the WWE doesn’t mean it will work for you guys.

  • Symbiote

    It’s pretty sad they keep taking known wrestlers & putting them under masks!

  • Saintsman

    L-l-l-l-Lizzame!! C’mon Man!