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TNA Morale Up Last Night, Dixie’s Hall of Fame Announcement & More News from Impact

– The feeling backstage after last night’s live Impact Wrestling was a positive one. Some of the wrestlers felt more excited about TNA after the live show than they had in a long time. Morale was up last night.

– During the Gucheck segment last night with Joey Ryan, the entire locker room popped when Ryan challenged Taz and some were shocked at how well Taz handled it, considering his temper. The backstage Gutcheck segments seen throughout the night with Taz, Al snow and Bruce Prichard were filmed earlier on Thursday.

– Brooke Hogan got along well with everyone backstage but always has in her previous visits. Brooke’s new role in TNA was Dixie Carter’s idea, not something created by Eric Bischoff or Hulk Hogan.

– The TNA vs. WWE lawsuit was a hot topic at Impact last night. A lot of the wrestlers are angry with Brian Wittenstein for passing on their information to WWE.

– Former WWE star Cliff “Domino” Compton worked the dark match before last night’s show, losing to Crimson.

– Dixie Carter’s announcement about the TNA Hall of Fame was a surprise to everyone as they did not tell the wrestlers ahead of time.

– Jeff Jarrett and his wife Karen were not backstage, for those wondering. Tara and Mickie James were backstage but not used. ODB vs. Angelina Love was taped for Xplosion.

Source: PWInsider

  • Pig

    @ERic…….STFU and start watching wrestling for a few years before you come in with some stupid comment. TNA is not like WCW. TNA is struggling to put on a right show. WCW was running for many years and had the funds to put on a spectacular orchestration. TNA doesn’t have that kind of money. Just because Hogan is working there doesn’t mean diddly. He has to work somewhere and there aren’t too many options these days.

  • Tyler(:

    I don’t have mood swings. and TNA isn’t better than WWE in my opinion, but I still really enjoy TNA’s stuff.

    And you didn’t have to reply to HATER, clues in the name dude.

  • SYM

    @Tyler(: U woke up on the wrong side of the Floor I see. Ur like a woman, u have mood swings. One day ur Ok wit me, then uhate Chris, then u hate me, then ur calling me a Twat like chill. I can compare the two if I want because I think it was a Month ago that I was saying Yeah TNA’s better than WWE and u like now was calling me a idiot. I’m trying to prove a point to those who comment in the TNA Section & say Yea WWE gonna beat TNA. I reply but I usually talk about TNA itself read my comment on the Slammiversary Card.

  • Tyler(:

    Guys like Chris, Poko and Scooter are what makes reading TNA articles good, talking about the actual show.

    Unlike idiots like SYM that feel the need to compare it to WWE.. Let TNA be it’s own company and stop comparing the two you twat.

  • SYM

    @eric shut ur illiterate ass up. Brooke Hogan just came in to TNA, she hasn’t done anything but show hospitality. Is ur favorite thing to do run down TNA? Because thats what u do in every TNA post.

  • eric

    dixie carter is jackass. a nice women but has no clue what she is doing. that why she hired hogan biscogg hogan no talent daughter as well. tna looks just like wcw did just before they went under. tna is losing alot cash. let’s see spending alot money on legends, hiring useless people, more cash going out then coming in. where have we seen this before? oh that is right wcw. i have rise and fall wcw. someone in tna should get dixie a dvd rise and fall wcw. because her tna heading same road. only diffrence is tna never had rise. there just heading for a really big fall. lost alot money when they went to mondays 2 yrs ago. they continue waste money on hogan flair, hall nash bubba hate sponge. now hogan no talent daughter. noone in mainstream media knows who they are. so what is tna getting out of hogan? nothing hogan is getting check. that is all hulky cares about. is getting big 2million dollars year check. he is doing great job killing tna. just like he alot legends did in wcw in early 2000 just like francise shane douglas said in youtube. step by step they are following wcw. shane even said it is shame they were young company with great future. also agree with sean xpac waltman tna will become part wwe video library.

  • SYM

    @Chris Niga I was fist pumpin to that shit Lol

  • Chris

    Did anyone else really like Brooke Hogan’s theme music? I really liked it for some reason

  • poko

    The Gutcheck segment was very well done. Good writing. I had assumed that it was going to be just another pass/fail thing, but they caught me by surprise by working what appears to be a storyline from it. I don’t think we’ve heard the last from Ryan. As for Taz, he was awesome in the bad-ass role, and a billion times better at this than Flair.

    I love that Daniels and Kaz are getting pushed, and I hope they continue to be put over as major heels for awhile. Daniels is really good at the backstage segments.

    It looks like they wanted to have a Knockouts match, but didn’t have the time. I kind of give this show a pass for that since it was their first live show and they had all those announcements and promos to make. Hopefully next Impact will have less of that. Honestly, this show should have been 3 hours, since it was kind of a special event. Regardless, they need to get the Knockouts on TV, and even have events now and then with multiple Knockouts matches.

    Overall, good show. Just hope that going forward, Brooke will mainly be used in pre-taped backstages storyline spots, and that her role will be minimal.

  • SYM

    @HATER ur wasting ur time posting here. TNA was great last Night. Better than Monday Night Cena or Friday Night Rewind of RAW.


    Impact is Impacting on lets copy what WWE does or have done.

  • lee

    next will nick hogan and hes will cry to dad to be x-champ then tna will be recall the hogans wrestling because nick and brooke just wanted be on tv.

  • wf3458


  • Myers

    Last week was the 2nd week in a row I watched Impact and I enjoyed the show. Of course I could have done without couple things, mainly Brooke trying to speak live (and I understand it was her first time but it was awful) and the whole AJ/Dixie thing I think is pretty stupid. Aside from that the matches were solid and I will be checking it out next week.

  • scooter

    Not gonna lie I enjoyed last nights impact Joey Ryans stuff was awesome but Tazz is the fucking man for the way he put him down afterwards!
    They finally gave Daniels and Kazarian the spot light the two of them looked like stars last night! Hogan was kept to a minimum but he did his little bit which was okay! Only bit I had a problem with was Brooke but all in all pretty good show!

  • grizz

    With 2 Hogans in TNA, it won’t be long before they go broke. I won’t be watching anymore.