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TNA Office Departure, Sting’s First YouTube Video, Morgans Film Commercial

– TNA Marketing Director Dan Stevenson has left the company to work for the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

– Matt Morgan and his wife Larissa recently filmed a new commercial for Direct Auto Insurance.

– TNA star Sting has posted his first video on YouTube. In the video below, Sting talks about some projects, plugs the upcoming TNA tour of the UK and more.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Jason

    Fuck WWE, TNA is way better in all areas but production.

  • Booker T

    I agree @MJ, Sting is very overrated! All i hear from smarks are that sting was the only person that never made the jump to wwf/E. That makes him a legend? because he doesn’t want to be in the wwe hall of fame and retire with everybody cheering his name? Or he doesn’t want wwe to sell dvds of him and his matches?

    Like MJ said if he made the jump to wwe in 2001 where these 2 icons, these 2 legends, clashing at the grandest stage of them all! That match would have been bigger then hogan vs the rock!

    Had this happen in 2001 alot of smarks are blind to think that sting vs taker would be an epic match in 2012. An old guy whos not as good as he use to be vs a guy whos so beat up it takes an entire year just for him to heal up. The match would be on botchamina

  • MJ

    Ok? Your point is @Stockshark? I said he was the only one that made it big without being in wwe so? Thats all the praise people talk about him for. He was in wcw and guess what? WCW is dead wwe is the only major company pretty much left. I know he use to be the face of wcw but who honestly cares if they have a match in 2012?

    I said if this was 2001 and wcw just died and sting made the jump to face undertaker at wrestlemania then that would have been huge! The biker undertaker vs the crow sting but its 2012 if sting faced the undertaker at mania all it will do is make a bunch of smarks happy because sting’s never been in wwe. Please stop it with the learn the history lesson because just like the old ecw and wcw people refuse to let it die no matter how sad it got. Let it go it was a match that should have happen but sting chose the minor leagues

  • stockshark

    @MJ get your head outta yer arse buddy! Sting made it huge without ever having to have gone to the WWE! When WCW was at it best STing was the man on top! Get a history lesson boy!

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar


  • Jason

    Problem is WWE would have Sting lose to Taker.

  • MJ

    Is it me or is the only fact sting gets hype is the fact that he was the only guy that didnt sign with wwe? I mean i think its funny that people think its such a big deal that he goes to wwe. Selling out? Like it or not WWE is the only major company left. TNA needs to stop focusing on being like or going against wwe.

    Sting vs taker in 2012 what purpose would that bring? If this was 2001 right when wcw ended and both men were in their prime then this match would be classic but its 2012! This is taker’s last run and sting is like pushing 50. so why would people want to see that?

  • cenaheelturnplz

    I respect Sting for not selling out to WWE during the buyout of WCW, but I think before he actually hangs up the boots, he needs to do a Sting v Undertaker match at Wrestlemania 30 where both men finally retire. Whose with me?