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- TNA Wrestling has parted ways with two British talents in Mark Haskins and Winter, PWInsider.com reports. The organization released Haskins from his contract and opted not to renew the former Women’s Knockout Champion’s deal after it expired last week. Both individuals have been removed from the company website’s roster page, thus confirming their respective departures.

Haskins had not appeared for the promotion since a January 2012 Impact Wrestling taping in his home country where he lost to Austin Aries in an X Division Championship Match. During the match, Haskins suffered a concussion and a neck injury, rendering him inactive for several months.

Winter’s official fansite, K-Waters.net, first announced last week that she had parted ways with the company. The website stated, “Just wanted to make an update and let everyone know Kat’s contract with TNA is officially up! Which means she is free to do DVDs, bookings, iPPVs, and whatever else! If interested please send emails to [email protected]

- During Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, former WWE Superstar Carlito joked on Twitter that TNA should favor Rob Terry and his ilk over wrestlers of the X Division.

“This TNA Xdivision should be eliminated! Nobody wants to see entertaining lil athletic wrestlers that can actually wrestle anymore!” he wrote. “We should start a petition to get rob terry a mega push! All he needs is another layer of fake tanner & 20 oz more of baby oil! C’mon TNA!”

  • Eve’s left nipple

    She said whatever else…Hmm I could work with that.

  • KingAblert

    Carlito is average at best. IC/US champ. Not Heavyweight material.

  • Devil_Rising


    Yeah…………..way to get the sarcasm. I think he was implying that the X Division is basically treated like nothing now, whereas years ago it was THE highlight of TNA. And as if you hadn’t noticed, Carlito happens to BE one of those smaller, high flying wrestlers. And to say he’s not talented? That’s just….silly.

  • SYM

    Some of you Fail to understand Carlito was being Sarcastic.

  • cc

    Get your facts straight Jefferson. Carlito actually asked for his release several times and was persuaded to stay by WWE. Wouldnt you have an attitude if you wanted out but was persuaded to stay with the promise of a push that never happened?
    Also, I would agree with you that in his early days with WWE his skills were minimal, but he improved greatly and was incredibly entertaining in and out of the ring by the time he left.
    I certainly wouldnt call myself a Carlito mark, but at least I can see beyond my blind hatred of someone to not totally disregard someone who actually does have talent.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Yeah, it’s funny and it’s true. But Carlito isn’t talented either, never was. Thumbs down that, Carlito marks. Sorry, he was a guy with a Razor Ramon 2.0 gimmick, yet was always too lazy to be anything more than what he was. He admits himself, he stopped giving a shit when he knew he wouldn’t be pushed anymore.

    Nice attitude huh? The guy thinks because his daddy was somebody that he was owed something too. Fuck Carlito. Primo’s the better wrestler, although not by much. Yet, he has a good attitude, doesn’t complain, and that’s why he still has a job. Carlito needs to grow up.

  • Pig

    We know who wont be signing for TNA.

  • misfit del rio

    Lmao… @ carlito, classic. I’ll sign that petition. Get your shit straight and come back to wwe.

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