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How Much Does TNA Pay Hulk Hogan?, Christy Hemme Going On The Road

— Though he may no longer actively compete, Hulk Hogan still commands among the highest salaries in the professional wrestling industry.

While discussing TNA’s decision to renew their contract with Hogan on the October 5 episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Dave Meltzer stated that the organization pays the wrestling legend $35,000 per television appearance—potentially totaling over $2 million per year.

TNA regularly discloses financial information to Meltzer, hence his knowledge of Hogan’s salary.

— Christy Hemme is scheduled for rare TNA house show appearances this weekend as she will be handling ring announcing duties during the organization’s tour of Quebec, Canada.

— Devon is advertised to appear at Wrestling Universe 34-29 Francis Lewis Blvd. Flushing, New York on Saturday, November 5 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Visit for more information.


  • venom

    Hogan hasn’t helped TNA at all. So they shouldn’t pay him that much.

  • adam

    Well tna is a slightly bigger thing then ROH WWE is obvoiusly the big leagues Tna is like Triple A ball and ROH is Double A or Rookie ball.

  • Dont think tna is a platform to bigger things adam

  • adam

    @scooter you cant really call them sell out because they need to make good enough money to survive. What you want them to be broke hardly living off what they make just so they can be Loyal to ROH. ROH is just a platform to bigger things like WWE or TNA.

  • scooter

    @Devil_rising of course they earn more than that………….. when they appear in Japan because their sell outs that aren’t really loyal to ROH

  • Devil_Rising

    Just imagine, even with the new TV deal and ownership, the ROH guys probably make dick compared to that.

  • MJ

    When you think of hogan you think of WWE, plain and simple! When you think of kurt angle what do you think? WWE! When you think of hardy you think about WWE! Same with Anderson, and all the other guys who came from wwe. Now you tell a non wwe fan who Aj styles was they wouldn’t know who he was because TNA isn’t that well known yet and they have been around for almost 10 years! Now they lasted longer then ECW but ECW had and still has a cult following! ECW was different! It was unique! TNA wished they had a cult like following ECW once had. They need to be different. Kurt angle despite being the best wrestler ever looks really sick and he’s been given the world title for years! Same with sting, and all these other old guys!

  • I’ll pay hogan 25 bucks to cut my grass hell ill even throw in some pain killers to help him work faster

  • scooter

    Hogans making the product suck I’m not disputing that but I feel people are overeacting. The thing people need to understand is that Hogan revolutionized the business does he bring name value in 2011? possibly but he’s been badly booked he shouldn’t be wrestling! I actually liked the original direction of him in tna with him giving abyss and jay lethal the rub and in a way aj styles beer money etc. by feuding against them. It all went pear shaped when Hogan lost faith in the home grown stars he wanted overnight success which wasn’t happeing! so how did he react he took the belt off the face of TNA (Aj) and put it on RVD! when RVD drew the same as Aj they took a risk on Jeff Hardy then ken anderson but when they never gave the overnight success Hogan felt TNA needed the went back to putting it on the guys I’d call the cena and orton of TNA in Sting and Angle. I just hope with roode and possibly storms singles pushes that Hogans realize these guys need time to grow and get over with a wider audience as does TNA. its kind of funny in a way how the homegrown talent reflect the product. can be great when they really go for it and the diehard fanbase of TNA love them but the mainstream audience just don’t care yet!

  • adam

    Wow thats insane he gets that much money. They could use that on maybe trying to convince Y2J in to coming who with him i think jericho owns the rights to that persona. Also once morrison gets droped because he is on a downword slump in wwe they could use the money to try and get him. I know im one of the people bashing them for signing all the ex wwe people but those are 2 with the money they should of had because of hogan that they should consider. But they still might get morrison anyways. But if they do stay away from melina she will ruin that locker room like she did in wwe for morrison.

  • Eric Nixon

    I guarantee TNA could get far more out of that $2 Mil than Hulk Hogan brings to the table.

  • Sean Mooney

    Ouch. I didn’t expect a huge jump in the ratings when Hogan signed with TNA, but I did expect a bit higher ratings than what it’s been the past two years. I do believe Bound For Glory will have a solid buy rate (for TNA), and I believe Hogan/Sting will be part of the reason why, no matter how much of a train-wreck it will be.

  • mark

    total rip off. should have released him. Hes over the hill, overrated and just a selfish arrogant ahole