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Another TNA PPV Removed, Thursday’s Impact Rating

– Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a 1.02 rating which is up from last weeks low rating of 0.76.

Thursday’s Impact averaged 1.30 million viewers. This was up nine percent from last week’s episode.

– TNA is dropping September’s No Surrender pay-per-view in according to Wrestling Observer. This move will allow a two month build up leading into TNA’s biggest event of the year, Bound for Glory. Earlier today we reported Against All Odds would be removed as well.

  • mtlhitman

    King of the ring was a great ppv with 3 match to crown the champ or 15 matchs too was a great one and tna need to bring back king of the mountain match and would be great if they create world war 4 2 or 3 ring rumble like in wcw !.

  • luckysalt

    Im guessing they will do the final matches, where it becomes a 4 man tournament in the BFG series on impact instead then next year, thats a shame, cus im a sucker for tournaments on a PPV.

    WWE should defo bring back King of The Ring

  • mtlhitman

    Great move tna losing 2 is a good and i miss having 4 major ppv in wwe and in june king of the ring and once in a while in your house small ppv low in cost small entrence more wrestling less talking was great

  • muh boy

    good make it 6 a year. 12 or more is just far to much for any company

  • will they get rid of victory road too. I wish they bring back king of the mountain for slammiversary. I had this idea once if they had kept all ppv’s that they should go to a different state 4 every ppv and stay at impact zone for thursday nights only.

  • Myers

    I couldn’t agree more. Just like you, when I was growing up we got the big 4 pay per views (and for a few years the big 5 with the addition of King of the Ring)now the amount they have is asinine especially with the amount they charge for them (I miss the days of $19.95 PPV’s). I to would like to see MITB moved back to WrestleMania, & have the match be between 3 guys from RAW & 3 from Smackdown, & whatever brand they winner is from the Championship they can cash in on. I would like to see the Elimination Chamber moved back to Survivor Series & be turned in to a War Games type of match. 2 teams the match starts off with one on then every 60 seconds a member of gets released from a pod. Hell in a Cell should be used on any of the big PPV’s (minus Survivor Series if they moved the chamber back to that ppv, but used sparingly. Hell in a Cell is special match that should only be used when a feud has reached that degree of heat.

  • Nicholas

    I agree with LVW 100%. There are a few PPV I would not mind them seeing getting ride of I can name a few. To me the gimmick PPV like Hell in a Cell PPV and Elimation Climber would be one of those PPV. Also Money in The Bank. To me those 3 PPV can really be put in any PPV. I would not mind seeing Money in the Bank return to Wrestlmania. An well the other two PPV Hell in the Cell and Elimation Climber they can have those matches anytime. I do remember the days when I was growing up that you only had the 4 major PPV Wrestlmania, Summerslam, Sevoir Series and the Royal Rumbel. The build up was great and the matches were just as good. It wasn’t like rush to build up the storylines.

  • LVW

    WWE needs to take a cue from that a cut out a couple of PPVs to give extra build up time for the main ones.

  • Zedd

    Should have kept Against All Odds and ditched something else. Against All Odds was a cool name for a PPV