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TNA President Dixie Carter Confirms Vince Russo’s Departure

– TNA President Dixie Carter announced the following:

“TNA and Vince Russo have mutually parted ways as of this week. The separation is amicable and professional. We are glad for the opportunity to have worked together and wish each other nothing but good luck and success in the future.”

  • Whocares

    You’ll know where Russo goes because the top babyface will turn heel for no reason and align with every othe heel on the roster.

  • Houndy

    There are plenty of fly-by-night independents Russo can go ruin.

  • Jason L

    Hope Vince doesn’t take him back just to try to spite TNA.

  • Eric Nixon

    @Nicholas – As long as Jim Cornette is involved with ROH, Russo will NEVER work there.

  • Mordecai

    One down, two to go? Or is three if you count Garrett…

  • whocares

    Did everybody read the hilarious kayfabenews headline about Russo poorly booking his family vacation?

  • TS93

    I like the way johnny ace says it better

  • Nicholas

    Oh I hope he don’t end up in ROH he already kill two wrestling company. Well hopefully Dixie Carter waken up. All she needs to do right now is get rid of the other dead weight from the WWE.

  • Little Jimmy

    Oh yes!!!! The best thing TNA has done for a while!

  • umiper4life

    DIXIE, listen to us fans. BRING IN PAUL HEYMEN. If you wat TNA to survive this year, you NEEEEEEED him to turn your hit-or-miss show around. OR HIRE US WHO WATCH THE SHOW TO BE YOUR CREATIVE TEAM (we are wrestling fans, so we know what we want to see).

  • Bill

    As Ric Flair would say, “Woooooooooo!”

  • Jeff Miles

    It’s about time…

  • RAMSES 2

    HULK Hogan we coming for you niggaa!!!!
    erik and gareth tooo!!!