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TNA President Dixie Carter Congratulates Ric Flair’s WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Legacy Talent, which represents Ric Flair, issued the following press release:

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING Star Ric Flair® to Attend WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Flair Confirms He Will be Present in Miami When the Four Horsemen Receive Their Hall of Fame Honor

CHARLOTTE, NC – (March 27, 2012) International celebrity the Nature Boy® Ric Flair is set to become the only wrestler in history to be inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Fame twice. Flair’s dominant 1980s wrestling group, the Four Horsemen, known to be the greatest in ring performers of all time, will be granted their seat in the Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Miami, FL on March 31st, the day before Wrestlemania XXVIII. Flair will be inducted along-side fellow members of the Four Horsemen: Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, and J.J. Dillon.

The news of Flair’s second induction was followed by a firestorm of controversy. Questions flew about whether Flair would attend the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony as he is currently under contract with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling. Understanding what a huge honor this is for Flair, TNA is graciously supporting him in the decision to attend the Hall of Fame ceremony alongside his fellow inductees.

“Being inducted once was one of the greatest accomplishments of my career, so I’m humbled and honored to be recognized again. I wouldn’t miss the ceremony for the world,” says Flair.

TNA President Dixie Carter says, “We are proud of Ric’s many accomplishments and contributions he has made to the world of professional wrestling and beyond. We wish to congratulate him on yet another honor he truly deserves.”

Flair, a 16-time World Heavyweight Champion, was inducted individually into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008. On becoming a two-time inductee his agent Melinda Morris Zanoni of Legacy Talent and Entertainment says, “We are all so proud to be watching Ric continue to make history. There will never be an athlete more deserving of wearing two Hall of Fame rings than Ric Flair.”

For more information on Ric Flair go to, follow him on Facebook: Ric Flair, The Nature Boy, or on Twitter: @RicFlairNatrBoy. Flair is currently with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. TNA airs Thursday nights (9/8c) on Spike TV with monthly 3-hour Per-Per-View events.

  • heyfit

    yes, vince is RACIST!

  • Stumpy

    @wildeye – quit trying to talk facts. it only confuses the idiots.

  • wildeye

    @kitkrock first of all with Owen its his widow who wont allow him to be inducted. second of all Benoit started to take the steroids in WCW way before he got into WWE. He did not change that much since he started the WWE. Benoit’s death wasnt drug related it was too many hits to the head. He had damage to his brain from all the concussions he had in his career.

  • kitkrock

    WWE has no class because they refuse to induct Chris Benoit and Owen Hart in the HOF – the two people they killed.

    They killed Owen by making him doing a dumb gimmick and they killed Chris by not making him a world title contender because he’s small, thus resulting in him taking steroids, which affected his brain.

    Also, Vince McMahon is racist as stated by most of the people on this website.

  • D2K

    @TS93: Erm, The Four Horseman was completely NWA/WCW, yet they are going into the ‘WWE’ HOF. Yes, the Four Horseman set the trend for factions in professional wrestling, but the nWo ushered in the ‘Attitude’ Era which revitalized professional wrestling.

    Scott Hall and Kevin Nash should get individual inductions, and the nWo (Hogan/Hall/Nash) also should be inducted.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    At TS93, I agree that Hall and Nash will be inducted separately, and I am not disputing that NWO fame was in WCW. That being said, the WWE HoF clearly isn’t just about WWE as there have been plenty of guys whom made it that haven’t been in either WWE and have succeeded outside of WWE. NWO was such a huge part of wrestling, and I think they deserve the HoF. By they, I mean Hogan, Nash, and Hall, not the 50+ people that became NWO. In the same aspect, I think HBK should make it twice with DX along with HHH, HBK, Chyna (deserves it on her right too), Rick Rude deserves it in general, New Age Outlaws (only for DX imo), and X-Pac (only for DX). No doubt in my mind the 4 Horsement deserve it, and deserve it before DX.

    @Wildeyes No doubt Demolition and Bulldogs are long overdue, don’t agree with Beefcake though (although I’d have Beefcake over Koko B. Ware).

  • wildeye

    @cakes gotta remember all that Hall did in AWA back in the 80s

  • wildeye

    TS93 I agree with you but I dont think any full stables should be inducted. Tag Teams yes but also people should not be inducted twice like Ric Flair. Induct individuals like Beefcake or even a tag team like Demolition. Or how about the British Bulldogs? I know people are going to comment on the ones i chose but come on they are legends

  • cakes

    in a reality, I don’t feel hall deserves it. He never really “made it” in the WWE as he was upper mid-card status at best. The razor ramon character was cool, but so was Carlito’s character. Minus his matches with HBK, hall never really did anything special in the WWE. Nash, even though he used his political pull to get pretty much everything he received, had a better WWE career than hall. Even when they went to WCW and became the NWO, they always took a backseat to hogan. And, for the last couple years, Hall has become to epitome of the “stereotypical broken down wrestler clinging on to his last bit of fame” type of performer so I cant imagine the WWE ever truly embracing him due to what he has become

  • TS93

    nWo was more WCW than WWE, when hall and nash are inducted itll be separately. Plus the horsemen being inducted is a necessity, they set the stage for all future stables. Theyre the only ppl i see getting inducted as a full stable.

  • Hofgen

    “firestorm of controversy” really?

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Hogan should make it twice as well as part of the NWO with just Hall and Nash. That being said, Hall and Nash deserve it individually as well.

  • Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW

    WWE has no Class, they let The Rock contract expire remember?

  • nick

    Jason, STFU we get that you like TNA (and you work for TNA)
    Your right that its nice class act by TNA, but WWE also has Class.

    BTW I really want to know what TNA asked for from the WWE, for them to allow Flair at the Cermony. Please tell us Jason, since you know everything about TNA, and work there..

  • Jason

    Nice class act by TNA. If only WWE had the same class