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More on TNA Production Almost Walking Out, Why They Weren’t Paid, Are Talents Being Paid?

– We noted last week that TNA’s production crew threatened to walk out during last week’s sets of Impact Wrestling tapings because they were behind on pay. The situation was resolved when word got back to managements and people received checks.

The same situation with production happened around this time in 2013. The belief is that Janice Carter, who controls TNA’s finances, earmarks a certain amount of new money to finance losing periods. This earmarked money is besides the revenue the company makes itself. The story is that people started getting paid late because TNA is taping so far ahead and taping so many pay-per-view events that they just didn’t have the money. This is what got them into financial trouble last year.

Before people in production were paid at the last set of tapings, many if not most of them hadn’t been paid since early March. Regarding the threats to walk out, not everyone threatened to leave at the start of the week but the majority did.

In 2013 it was reported that crew members and talents were being paid late. It’s said now that talents for the most part are up to date on pay. Checks may arrive a few days or a week late but talents are getting paid without hassle.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter