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TNA Project Crowns Champions in India, Steiner Gets Heat with Fans and More

– Hulk Hogan was filming a new commercial for Rent-A-Center today.

– Matt Morgan was crowned the first Heavyweight Champion of TNA’s new Ring Ka King promotion in India after he defeated top heel Scott Steiner in the finals of an eight-man tournament.

Chavo Guerrero and David Hart Smith were crowned the promotion’s first Tag Team Champions.

It’s being reported that Steiner caused a near-riot with fans during a six-man match that was taped this week. The match saw Smith, Guerrero and Morgan take on Steiner, Magnus and Sonjay Dutt.

Jeremy Borash wrote the following this week regarding the India project:

“Great 2nd day of TV in India just wrapped. Tonight’s crowd was insane, most seeing wrestling for the first time. Enthusiasm off the charts.”

“The most heel heat I’ve seen in 15 years tonight in India. This will be amazing TV. Congrats to the team. Forgot how fun this can be.”

Source: PWInsider

  • Jason

    BTW TNA is pushing more young talent that is over then WWE is at the moment. Look at the PWI ranking and out of the top fifty only 6 are wwe guys while over 20 are tna guys who all are in the top ten spots minus Punk who is the only wwe guy in the top 10. TNA has also been voted best promotion of the year by PWI. Bobby Roode is the best in the business today and so is others that TNA are pushing via Storm, Aries, Gunner and more. WWE is not the be all end all of pro wrestling.

  • Jason

    CC bull fucking shit, WWE raw gets 4 million viewers on avg per week. TNA gets 2 million viewers on avg per week. Smackdown only gets 500,000 more viewers on avg a week over TNA Impact. So stop talking shit to some one who works for TNA. I’m so going to laugh my ass off when the wwe network fails and goes boom in the night like everything else the WWE has tried to do outside of simple pro wrestling. Wrestling football or better known as XFL cost only 7% of what the wwe network is costing as a whole. If this fails WWE could lose millions apon millions.

  • CC

    @Jason. TNA has three promotions, but WWE has two massive tv shows that probably get more viewers per show that all of the three TNA promotions combined. Plus as MJ said, they also have their network coming online.

    If TNA is really the future, then why are they constantly reliving the past instead of hyping new stars of the future.
    Even WWE is pushing more newer stars these days, something they have failed to do for so long now.

    @renz. The may very well idolise westerners, but they idolise their own people more. Dont forget, whenever WWE was shown in India when Khali was on the shows, they had to be edited to make him look like a winner all the time, or not look weak.
    Not sure if they have to do anything with Jinder Mahal though. But he isnt as big a star as Khali was, as his push was dropped almost as soon as it started, where as Khali was a main eventer almost as soon as he debuted.

  • MJ

    ^they are getting there own network while TNA tried to compete with monday night raw a year ago and that blew up in their faces!

  • Jason

    This just proves how far we at TNA have come over the years. We now run three wrestling promotions that can be seen on TV all over the world. WWE can’t even say that. TNA is the future and as soon as the kids begin to understand that the better

  • hbk fan

    but really im surprised jarrett didnt book himself as champ

  • hbk fan

    thats because wwe guys are recognized world wide and see as stars and tna guys have to go on family feud to be recognized ask jay lethal

  • MJ

    LOL! The only way Morgan could win a title was by going to india! LOL! Former wwe guys in full effect!

  • renz

    because they idolise westerners? idk

  • Logan

    Why didn’t they make Sonjay Dutt champion?