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TNA Pushing a Few Stars, Backstage Problems with TNA Creative, Dreamer’s Exit

– The decision not to re-sign Tommy Dreamer to a new contract surprised a lot of people within TNA. At one point, Dreamer apparently had a decent amount of office power and had been talked about as someone who could work as an agent or help with creative.

– Right now there are a lot of creative issues within TNA. The Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff contingent is openly complaining about the writing of Vince Russo. It’s said that Jeff Jarrett is also frustrated with Russo, after years of defending his work. The feeling is that Russo is pretty much locked in place because Dixie Carter feels a loyalty to him.

– TNA is going with the idea right now to elevate Gunner, Crimson and Robert Roode to top spots in the company.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    These new guys are going to get a push??? Yea, a push out the door. TNA buries new young talent.

  • erik

    here is my list of tna guys who need to get fired asap. flair, hogan bischoff russo, orlando and eric young.

  • grizz

    I agree that they should push Roode, maybe Crimson, but Gunner, that would be a joke.

  • Jay EZ

    And what about aj styles?

  • Ricardo

    Push Crimson? The guy that just came in and is greener than Mason Ryan? Push Gunner? The guy they just had jobbing to Eric “I should have been fired years ago” Young? Push Robert Roode? The “hottest free agent on the market” who couldn’t get a better manager than Traci, and that ended up being shipped back to the tag team division?

    TNA – size matters.

  • shane

    the key phrase in that statement is “going with the idea”, which to me means they’re going to try, then for whatever reason just stop.

  • Gary

    i say get rid of russo and hogan, i think bitchoff by himself MIGHT do TNA magic…..keyword might

  • BigPoppaDaddyCool

    i agree with adam, they would rather push brian knobbs lol

  • adam tarasievich

    I agree drop all 3 hogan bichoff and russo are killing tna like they killed wcw. Crimson and roode are good but iwont hold my breath that they are actually going to push them.

  • BigPoppaDaddyCool

    i personally like crimson, hes a power house

  • J-J

    “TNA is going with the idea right now to elevate Gunner, Crimson and Robert Roode to top spots in the company”

    Yeah ’cause that worked so well for Samoa Joe & Pope…

  • Orton

    If you want a good storywriter, go out during a show find the guy or girl thats cheering the most in the front row and sign them to write stories then you’ll get a true fans opinion, and maybe your show wont be so bad

  • Stevie P

    Agreed Andrew. They’re all washed up.

  • Andrew

    I’ve got a better idea, get rid of all 3 of them. (Hogan, Bischoff and Russo)