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TNA Reaches Agreement With Former WWE Developmental Promotion


Focus On Development Key To TNA

NASHVILLE, TN (November 7, 2011)– TNA IMPACT WRESTLING announces that they are entering into an exclusive relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), effective immediately, as the official training and developmental facility for TNA’s current and future stars of TNA IMPACT WRESLTING. Former wrestling star and OVW owner Danny Davis will work closely with TNA SVP of Programming and Talent Relations Bruce Prichard in the development of the talent through training, live events, and weekly television production allowing talent to explore every aspect of the business.

“OVW is the best of the best as far as training and nurturing potential superstars. Their track record speaks for itself. Whether looking to develop brand new talent or to fine tune existing talent, OVW has the talent and program to fit our needs.” says TNA’s Prichard. “TNA is providing developmental talent the opportunity to hone their craft in an environment that will allow them to grow and prosper.”

TNA talent will be arriving soon at the facility to begin an extensive training program with the industry’s leading experts. The program is akin to a college scholarship program where talent is provided a scholarship style agreement with TNA to learn the craft. The talent to attend the program is selected by TNA’s Prichard and TNA officials who will be monitoring the progress of each wrestler at camp and the live events.

  • venom

    This is a good move. Batista, Lesnar, Cena, and Orton came from OVW. I hope TNA gets better and Hogan disappears.

  • Raul

    @ironcross I’m pretty sure TNA will last longer then your relationship with Cena #IRONCROSSISCENASGIRLFRIEND

  • muh boy

    more young guys is never a bad thing. and i wish they showed ovw on tv these days. i liked how old school everything was done.

  • ironcross

    @scooter, Now jeef and bring more of his Drug Fked buddies in through ovw, and Angle can get his drinking buddies trained up! #TNAWFUL

  • scooter

    I wonder if jim cornette will suddenly change his tune and start putting over tna as the greatest company in the world

  • ironcross

    Wont last long, TNA wil be dead soon #TNAWFUL

  • Gary

    OVW was a good place, i understand some peoples views but they produced alot of talent for wwe, and helped craft some workers skills….i think its a plus for tna…but ta the same time…did you have to go OVW? (ie ex WWE grounds) couldnt go somewhere fresh?

  • MJ

    Wait! You mean to tell me the company that hires nothing but former wwe guys are growing their own talent? Haven’t they pushed AJ styles, james storm, and kaz for like 10 years? They are still being called the young guys and its really said. The guys who wil get called up will get pushed untill they hire another wwe guy then they’ll get buried!

  • Raul

    Ah Joe showing your old age. OVW stopped being with the WWE once they moved their development down to Fla. Wasn’t that like ten years ago? Lol.

  • Raul

    Great move for TNA. Good to see them finally invest into the future.

  • Bawb

    I have a sneaky suspicion they’ll try an OVW invasion stable storyline.

  • Effmenow

    Good move for Impact Wrestling. Things are finally looking up for this promotion.

  • The Real Joe. remember that storyline?

    Didn’t WWE and ovw have an exclusive deal already? What happened to that? Did I miss something?

  • Valo487

    What does TNA need a developmental territory for? They can’t build any new stars out of people who have already been trained.