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– The Nasty Boys are no longer under contract with TNA Wrestling. The news was first reported by HonkyTonkMan.net.

Bischoff hinted at the possibility of their release when he asked a fan who didn’t care for the tag team when the last time the duo was on Television.

Honky Tonk Man reported that Knobbs was involved with some sort of an incident at a TNA gathering, and SpikeTV executives were not pleased with his behavior which ultimately lead to their release from TNA. While they’re release has been confirmed, the report via Honky Tonk Man has not been independently confirmed.

– As noted earlier, Consequences Creed was released from his contract. Shortly after the news broke of his release, Creed confirmed reports via his twitter page stating, “Thanks for the support! Yea it’s true no more TNA for me. So now it’s time to do work son! The only thing that can beat a Creed is a Drago!”

  • arrrrtruth

    2 big fat old idiots became an out of shape drunk and a washed up cripple…tna will never get it right.

  • gianDX

    yesss :) best release ever the band are their replace now and they are sooo much better than those 2 big fat old idiots

  • dan

    somewere down the line hogan will bring these gimps back, they’ll beg him for a second chance

  • dan

    somewere down the line hogan will these gimps back, they’ll beg him for a second chance

  • edgehead15

    Okay for all of you who said “Hogan’s boys won’t be released” Yeah u can all stfu now

  • James Mills

    OH GLORIOUS DAY!!!!! 😀

  • $

    Thank GOD! Huge waste of money

  • RPM

    Had to end sometime, now maybe Team 3d can feud with someone else.

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