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TNA Also Releases a Former Tag Team Champion

– As noted earlier, TNA has released several talents from the company to cut costs. It’s now confirmed that they have also parted ways with former TNA Tag Team Champion Crimson.

That updated list of released talents looks like this: Crimson, Sam Shaw, Christian York, Taeler Hendrix, Joey Ryan and Madison Rayne.

  • Daniel Schein

    Crimson was pushed a little prematurely, but honestly I think that’s a boneheaded move on TNA’s part. He was pretty talented and had main event potential in the not too distant future. Not to mentioned TNA built him up for such a long time. A Rob Terry should have gone long before Crimson.As for the other releases-

    Joey Ryan- No doubting his talent, however I can understand this release as TNA has others like Eric Young occupying the comedic relief roles, and I don’t see him climbing above other names to make a big mark in the X Division.

    Hendrix- I was a little surprised with her, she had a real life story and personality in the ring and on the mic that would have gotten her over with fans. She was still a tad green, but in a couple years could have easily have been a player in the company. TNA’s development system took a hit on this one.

    Madison- She was a great heel, albeit an average worker at best. She was pregnant, which may have factored into this release. I have no issue with this one

    Sam Shaw- While he didn’t have anything about him to distinguish himself, he was another that may have been able to be a decent or better homegrown talent for TNA. No issue with them cutting him, though I’d keep an eye out in the future.

    York- Sadly he may have been at an age where TNA want to invest in him as a top star, which seemed possible when he debuted. He was definitely ready to run with the big names. TNA needs to inject some youth into the roster, so while this one kind of sucks, I have no issues with it. TNA’s top names while not old are in their mid to late thirties. They could use more talent like Magnus ready to carry the company.

  • TOmC

    Okay, this is getting stupid … They JUST brought the guy back two weeks ago for cryin’ out loud. It’s starting to be reminiscent of “the demise of WCW” all over again. Knock it off, TNA !!