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TNA Releases a Wrestler, Rating for Thursday’s Impact Wrestling

– Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling did a 1.25 cable rating with 1.7 million viewers, up from last week’s rating.

– PWInsider reports that TNA has released Desmond Wolfe, formerly known as Nigel McGuinness. Wolfe had been the Xplosion Commissioner on that international program since returning recently. He hasn’t been in the ring for TNA since the fall of 2010 after suffering a health issue.

  • venom

    Desmond should have stayed away from those hookers. lol. But seriously, I hope he gets better.

  • adam tarasievich

    Once his health situation gets settled and hopefully its not hep C i hope he does turn up in wwe he is a great talent.

  • Gary

    @The Real Wrestling God

    I havent seen any report that states this, it is a rumor, until then, dont speak as u KNOW that he has it

  • The real wrestling god

    Wolfe won’t be wrestling anywhere any time soon he has hep c.

  • Justin

    The health issue is really scary, as it’s been so mysterious.

  • Bill

    Let’s hope he ends up in WWE one day if this health issue gets fixed.