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TNA Re-signs X Division Champion Austin Aries, Aries Comments

– TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries revealed this weekend that he has re-signed a new deal with TNA.

Here’s what the former ROH star wrote on his Facebook:

“Amidst their recent signings, I’m happy to say I’ve also re-signed with TNA. I’m excited for this next year, and see #GREAT things ahead…”

  • shawn

    @adam AA says that he is in promos in case you dont know. he sure moves like he is.

  • SYM

    @Adam u obviously haven’t seen Austin Aries Compete

  • Chris

    Great move by Aries

    PS: The TNA hate on this site is retarded

  • rabid

    TNA seems to be getting in a groove right now and im looking forward to seeing where they go with it. It looks like they are starting to realize that alot of the bigger names can have amazing matches with the younger guys

  • poko

    TNA has been very good lately, and Aries is a big part of that. If they’re smart, they’ll continue his push for awhile.

  • adam

    @SYM really the greatest wrestler alive?

  • SYM

    The Greatest Wrestler Alive today is Smart. TNA is his Home & he’ll Never go back to Ring of Honor simply because its not what it use to be. I’m tellin u TNA is getting up there all they Need is more Wrestlers & Creative Writers then Boom its done.

  • prince albert

    a Double is blind as a bat.