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TNA Responds to Losing Major TV Deal, Blames Spoilers for the Loss

As we previously reported, TNA and Challenge TV will no longer be working together to bring TNA to the United Kingdom starting in January of 2017. TNA has released an official statement regarding the loss of the deal, pointing at spoilers as the reason for the broken partnership:

We are proud to have had such a great relationship with Challenge, and appreciate how the channel brought Impact Wrestling to our avid viewers through the years. In today’s world, spoilers are inevitable. We’ve heard from the amazing fans in the UK and know you do not want to wait 3-5 days to watch the program after it airs in the US.

Our goal is to broadcast Impact Wrestling in the UK as close to the US premiere as possible. We look forward to announcing that opportunity soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we hope you continue to watch Impact Wrestling on Challenge, Sunday nights at 9pm, as well as Xplosion and pay-per-views and follow us on social media. Thank you.

  • CC

    So if the show is being broadcast weeks later than the US air date, and spoilers is the reason its being dropped, whose fault is that?
    Many US tv shows air later here than in the US, but that does not stop channels airing the shows.

    If WWE can get their product broadcast live, and AMC can get The Walking Dead aired the day after the US broadcast, there really is no reason why TNA could not be more up to date if better business decisions were made.

    Challenge is part of the basic package for satellite and cable, unlike Sky sports which airs WWE, so there is no excuse for poor viewing figures unless its just a simple case of poor product.

  • Khosrow

    Once the American tv deal gets canceled they are finished. This is just one of the nails in the coffin.

  • D2K

    This woman sickens me. Every problem with TNA is everyone else’ fault but HERS. I feel bad about wrestlers having to replace their income in these tough days, but someone needs to step in and put TNA out of its misery so the clown can go back where she came from.

  • Nicholas2778

    RIP TNA you are finish.