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TNA Sacrifice Poster Featuring Rob Terry, Jesse Sorensen Celebrates Birthday

– Rob Terry is featured on the promotional poster for TNA’s Sacrifice pay-per-view, which takes place on May 13th. Here is the synopsis (un-edited) and poster:

“Loosing is not an option. There are no short cuts along the way. There are no excuses accepted. Greatness must always be earned. The Stars of TNA are willing to make the ultimate Sacrifice, are you? Direct Auto Insurance and TNA Wrestling present SACRIFICE LIVE! Sunday, May 13th only on Pay Per View at 8pm ET/5pm PT.”

– TNA star Jesse Sorensen turns 23 years old today.

  • adam

    If thats the actual official tna announcment for the PPV its funny that they dont spell check it or bother to spell words correctly. Oh thats great. Come on jason how are you going to defend this one. 2 things actually why in the blue hell rob terry is on a poster and why they don check there work.

  • heyfit

    @jackson maybe he wanted to loose his butt hole.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    What a waste of money on a poster.

  • Jon-Jon

    So they chose Rob Terry because he’s the only one big enough to fit the logo on his back?

  • adam

    Wow really that could possibly be the worse person to pick for a poster and there is no way in a month that he will be up enough to be a main event star and worthy for him to be the focus of this. Lets look at his career he was in the british invasion as there muscle guy but was never evne close to being good in the ring. Then he was in immortal for some reason which didnt make sense cause immortal was supposed to be all about champions which terry was once but shouldnt of been and he kept sucking in the ring. Now he is with robbie E as his bouncer and is still no good in the ring. He is the tna version of Ezikiel jackson. Neither of them can really do jack shit in the ring but the companies keep trying to shove them down our throats.

  • jackson

    Someone needs to fire their editor. It’s ‘losing’ not ‘loosing.’

  • Angry benny

    no no no, you guys have it all wrong, the needed to write sacrifice on something that didn’t matter, so rob terry was the perfect choice, it was either him or a chalk board, I guess Rob really wanted the job because hanging with Robbie E would get annoying after the first minute, and plus a chalk board wasn’t available yet,

  • xXx

    isn’t it supposed to be “Impact: Sacrifice”? lol.. impact.. tna.. i’m confuzzled

  • Ant

    shut up moron i like this poster i wonder if it means rob terry will be getting some sort of a push going into sacrifice maybe have him turn face and go after bully ray or gunner just to keep him busy but probably not theyre probably just putting him on the poster just because

  • Best In The World

    Exactly why tna is trash Rob Terry on the poster Who The F*** is that ?