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TNA Slammiversary: Knockouts Title Match

– JB is backstage with Angelina Love and Winter. Angelina is standing there in a statue as Winter talks about the match tonight. Winter goes to give Angelina her “medicine” but Angelina refuses. Angelina says she doesn’t need that anymore. It took her a long time to realize it but she and Winter are on the same page now. Angelina walks off and Winter follows.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love vs. Mickie James

We go to the ring and Winter’s music hits. Out she comes with Angelina Love, who is still in a trance. Angelina enters the ring and holds her fingers up for “6”, meaning her 6th title reign. Mickie James’ music hits next and out comes the Knockouts Champion.

The bell rings and they lock up. Angelina tosses Mickie across the ring and does it again. Mickie charges her and they grab each others hair. Angelina takes Mickie to the mat with an arm bar and drops an elbow on her. Angelina goes back to work on Mickie’s arm. Mickie breaks out of it but Angelina rams her back into the corner and hits her with shoulder thrusts. Angelina with a shoulder and kicks now. Mickie counters with a hurricanrana. Angelina comes back with a suplex and a 2 count.

Mickie makes a comeback now. Mickie runs the ropes but Winter trips her and she goes down. Mickie gets pulled to the floor and lands hard. Angelina comes and and goes to work on the floor, slamming Mickie’s head into the apron. Angelina brings it back in the ring and beats Mickie up some more. Mickie comes back with a big clothesline. They end up on the floor and Mickie throws Angelina into the steps. Mickie comes back in the ring as Winter helps Angelina up. Angelina comes back in and they trade shots on their knees. They get up and Angelina drops her with a knee to the gut. Mickie comes out of the corner with a big forearm.

More back and forth action. Mickie drops Angelina on her face and climbs up top. Mickie leaps down with a Thesz Press from the top. Winter grabs Mickie’s leg again and distracts her. Angelina charges but Mickie hits a heel kick for a 2 count. Winter puts Angelina’s leg on the ropes and causes more distraction. Angelina recovers and kicks Mickie in the face with Botox Injection as she turns around. Angelina with a 2 count as Mickie’s hand was on the ropes. Winter pulled Mickie’s hand off and Earl Hebner yells at her. Hebner argues with Angelina now. Mickie goes for her DDT but Winter gets on the apron. Mickie knocks her to the floor. Angelina grabs Mickie but she counters and hits Angelina with a suplex for 2. Angelina rolls Mickie up and Winter helps her with the pin but its only a 2 count. Mickie kicks Angelina in the gut and goes for the jumping DDT but it’s botched bad. Mickie covers for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mickie James

– After the match, Mickie is posing with the belt when Winter attacks her. Winter beats Mickie down and whips her with a belt. Winter chokes Mickie as Hebner breaks things up. Angelina goes over and starts choking Mickie now. Hebner orders them both out of the ring now.