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TNA Slammiversary PPV Results – June 12th

by Staff - Jun 12, 2011

PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*

- Tonight’s TNA Slammiversary opens up with a video package hyping tonight’s main event with Mr. Anderson vs. Sting and the other matches. And we’re live from the Impact Zone in Orlando as the pyro goes off. Mike Tenay welcomes us to Slammiversary and talks about tonight’s matches. We go to Tenay and Taz to talk about the card. We go to the ring.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: The British Invasion vs. James Storm & Alex Shelley

We go to the ring and out first comes Magnus and Douglas Williams. Robert Roode escorts the team of James Storm and Alex Shelley out to defend the tag team titles. Roode brings a six pack of beer over to Tenay and Taz, and joins commentary.

Storm and Williams start things out and lock up. They trade holds back and forth. Storm tags in Shelley and he takes over working on Williams’ arm. They go to the mat and Magnus gets tagged in. He shoulders Shelly to the mat but gets tripped. Shelley misses a low dropkick and Magnus drops him with a right. Storm tags himself in and they double team Magnus, knock Williams off the mat, then hit Magnus again. Shelley goes to work on Williams and tags back in Storm. They double team again and hit a bulldog. More double teaming and Storm puts his fingers in Williams’ eye. Shelley with right hands on Douglas in the corner now.

Magnus gets involved and kicks Shelley to the mat, allowing Williams to take control. Williams drops a knee on Shelley for a 2 count. More double teaming from the British Invasion on Shelley as Storm protests. Shelley fights out of the corner but gets caught in the air by Magnus. Magnus with a big suplex. Shelley wants to tag but Magnus tags in Williams for more double teaming. 2 count for the Brits as Storm breaks the pin. Williams with a big overhead suplex on Shelley. Williams goes for Rolling Chaos but Shelley counters. Shelley drops Williams’ face in the corner.

Storm finally comes in and goes to work on Williams and takes out Magnus. Storm sends Williams out and DDT’s Magnus for a 2 count. Storm and Williams go at it in the ring after Magnus gets dumped to the floor. Storm backdrops Williams onto Magnus and the floor. Shelley runs the ropes and dives through Storm’s legs and the ropes, landing on the Brits on the floor. Storm and Williams come back in the ring. Magnus goes to attack from behind but Storm and Shelley double suplex him on top of Williams. Storm and Shelley do the Beer Money taunt. Magnus comes from behind and dumps Storm to the floor. Shelley fights Magnus coming in the ring. Storm comes back in and hits Eye of the Storm on Williams but Williams slides out. Storm goes for the superkick but gets blocked. Storm and Shelley hit Williams in the corner. Magnus comes in but he’s taken out. Shelley hits a foot stomp from the top on Williams and Storm covers for a 2 count.

Storm gets taken out and the Brits take control for a minute. Storm takes a sip of beer and comes back in to take out Williams. Shelley gets hit in the face and can’t see. Storm checks on Shelley but Shelley superkicks him. The Brits hit their finisher on Storm but he kicks out at 2. Shelley is outside of the ring as the Brits go at it. The hit each other and allow Shelley and Storm to hit a pair of superkicks. Shelley hits his move out of the corner for the pin and the win.

Winners: James Storm and Alex Shelley

- We see footage from earlier today where Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett arrived to the building for their match tonight.

- Jeremy Borash is backstage with Scott Steiner. Steiner talks about how Matt Morgan can’t compare to him and how he will beat him tonight. Steiner says he’s going to take Morgan’s girlfriend after he beats him and show her what it’s like to be with a real man.

Scott Steiner vs. Matt Morgan

We go to the ring and out first comes Scott Steiner. Matt Morgan is out next and we get ready to go.

The bell rings and they go at it. Morgan takes control and goes to work on Steiner. Morgan with a slam and a headbutt. Steiner lands on the ropes and Morgan charges, splashing him. They go to the floor and Morgan rams Steiner back into the apron. Morgan brings it back in the ring and grabs Steiner by the back of his neck. Steiner uses the referee and kicks Morgan below the belt. Steiner drops elbows on Morgan and stomps on him. Steiner with an inverted atomic drop and some trash talking. Steiner with a big belly to belly suplex and a 2 count.

Morgan tries to make a comeback but Steiner stops him. Steiner controls the match for a few minutes and takes it to the corner. Steiner with big chops and a splash. Steiner charges but runs into a big boot and goes down. Morgan finally comes back and hits Steiner with rights and thena clothesline. Morgan drops Steiner’s face in the corner and hits a big running splash, then a side slam. Morgan with a sit out slam and a 2 count. Steiner comes back with a belly suplex and a 2 count.

Morgan with a clothesline and a 2 count of his own. Steiner gets control again, drops Morgan on his face and attempts a pin. Steiner goes for the Steiner Recliner and tries to make Morgan submit. Morgan makes it to the ropes and the hold is broken. Morgan stands up with Steiner on his shoulders. Steiner counters and rolls Morgan up with an impressive victory roll. Morgan kicks out at 2. A little bit of back and forth before Morgan hits the big kick for the win.

Winner: Matt Morgan

- JB is backstage with Jeff Jarrett. He talks about how he will be on a podium this Thursday on Impact to receive Kurt Angle’s gold medals. Jarrett talks about beating Angle tonight and dedicates the win to Karen Jarrett, who he says is at home.

TNA X Division Title Match: Brian Kendrick vs. Kazarian vs. Abyss

We get a promo for tonight’s X Division Title Match. Out first comes the challenger Kazarian followed by the other, Brian Kendrick. Out next comes the TNA X Division Champion Abyss.

The bell rings and they both go for Abyss. Kendrick slides out of the ring and Kaz goes at it with Abyss. Kaz takes it to the corner and hits a series of right hands. Kaz unloads on Abyss and hits a dropkick. Abyss comes back with a big elbow and drops Kaz. Kendrick comes back in the ring and stares Abyss down. Kendrick ducks and goes to work with kicks on Abyss. Kendrick with two dropkicks and a cross body. It doesn’t phase Abyss and he just stands there. Abyss lifts Kendrick up high and throws him over the top rope, down to Kaz and the floor.

Kaz and Kendrick come back in the ring and take Abyss down with some double teaming. Abyss goes to the floor. Kaz goes for a baseball slide but Abyss grabs his legs. Kendrick charges but Abyss catches him in mid-air. Kaz comes over with a dropkick and takes down Abyss and Kendrick. They go back to double teaming Abyss on the floor now. Everyone brings it back in the ring and they double team Abyss some more in the corner. Kaz with a flying forearm as Kendrick holds him. Kendrick does the same. More running shots by the two on Abyss. Kaz whips Kendrick into Abyss but Abyss catches him with a Black Hole Slam. Kendrick is out of the ring now. Kaz and Abyss go at it now. Abyss drops Kaz with a big boot.

Abyss takes Kendrick out again and goes to work on Kaz in the corner with a choke. Abyss with big chops now. Abyss lays Kaz out again with a big knee and knocks Kendrick off the apron and to the floor. Abyss throws Kaz in the corner and charges with a big splash. Kaz bites Abyss’ finger trying to get out of a hold but gets thrown to the mat. Abyss with a vise grip now. Kaz finally fights free with right hands but Abyss shoves him to the mat. Kaz ends up on the second rope and Abyss smacks him in the back and puts him on his shoulders. Abyss drops Kaz with Shock Treatment. Abyss drags Kaz to the corner and goes to the second rope. Abyss goes for a big splash but Kaz moves. Kendrick comes in now and dropkicks Abyss knee out. Another dropkick, and another staggers Abyss. Kendrick goes to the top rope and finally takes Abyss down with another dropkick and a 2 count.

Kendrick with an enziguri and another dropkick. Kendrick hits a tornado DDT from the top for another 2 count on Abyss. Kendrick goes for sliced bread but Abyss blocks it. Abyss with a big chokeslam and Kendrick goes down. Kaz comes back over and works on Abyss. Kaz with a hurricanrana from the top. Kaz ducks a clothesline and takes Abyss out with an elbow. Kendrick and Kaz double team Abyss now. Kendrick with a big splash from the top. They both cover Abyss but only get a 2 count. Kaz leaps from the top but Abyss grabs him for a chokeslam. Kaz counters with a roll up for 2. Abyss throws Kaz into Kendrick in the corner. Kendrick and Kaz argue now. They start fighting while Abyss recovers on the floor.

Kendrick goes to the top but Kaz knocks him down on the turnbuckle. Kaz climbs up top but Kendrick shoves him to the mat. Kendrick leaps but Kaz grabs him. They trade shots and Kendrick lays Kaz out. From nowhere, Abyss just pulls Kendrick out of the ring, slamming him to the floor. Abyss comes in the ring and covers Kaz for the pin and the win.

Winner: Abyss

- We get a video for the Samoa Joe and Crimson feud. The bar fight footage from last week is shown.

Samoa Joe vs. Crimson

We go to the ring and out first comes Samoa Joe. The undefeated Crimson is out next.

Crimson rushes the ring and goes right at it with Joe. They go back and forth until Joe throws Crimson out of the ring. Joe charges through the ropes but runs into Crimson’s forearm. Crimson rams Joe back into the apron now and brings it back in the ring. Crimson drops Joe with a big boot and hits him with a series of right hands. Crimson rocks Joe with knees and hits a neckbreaker for a 2 count. More right hands on the mat by Crimson now.

Crimson with more knees to the head now. Joe catches his leg and takes him down. Joe goes to work with stomps now. Joe goes back to work on Crimson’s leg as the crowd chants. Joe takes the assault to the corner and slaps Crimson in the face. Crimson fights out with right hands and turns things around on Joe. Joe counters and takes back control by dropping Crimson on his knee. Joe with a leg bar now before the referee breaks the hold. Joe with more kicks to the knee now. Joe rolls and puts another submission on Crimson. He makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold.

Back and forth action now until Crimson hits a t-bone suplex. Crimson with knees to the gut and a big double arm DDT. 2 count by Crimson. Joe drops Crimson on his neck and hits a big clothesline for 2. Joe with a big slap in the corner. Joe with a kick from the top rope and another 2 count. Joe with a powerbomb and another 2 count. Joe applies a single leg crab now but the hold is broken. Joe with a kick to the face. Crimson tries to fight back and they trade slaps in the middle of the ring. Joe with a headbutt. Joe turns around to a big spear and both go down.

Crimson and Joe trade more shots now, sending each other into the corners. Crimson goes to the top. Joe looks for a Muscle Buster but Crimson jumps over him and to the mat. Joe with a choke from behind but Crimson breaks it. Joe charges but out of nowhere, Crimson hits a sit out powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Crimson

- After the match, Joe argues with the ref and we go to replays. Joe and Crimson meet in the middle of the ring and shake hands. Joe pulls Crimson in and says something to him before walking off to the back.

- JB is backstage with Angelina Love and Winter. Angelina is standing there in a statue as Winter talks about the match tonight. Winter goes to give Angelina her “medicine” but Angelina refuses. Angelina says she doesn’t need that anymore. It took her a long time to realize it but she and Winter are on the same page now. Angelina walks off and Winter follows.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love vs. Mickie James

We go to the ring and Winter’s music hits. Out she comes with Angelina Love, who is still in a trance. Angelina enters the ring and holds her fingers up for “6″, meaning her 6th title reign. Mickie James’ music hits next and out comes the Knockouts Champion.

The bell rings and they lock up. Angelina tosses Mickie across the ring and does it again. Mickie charges her and they grab each others hair. Angelina takes Mickie to the mat with an arm bar and drops an elbow on her. Angelina goes back to work on Mickie’s arm. Mickie breaks out of it but Angelina rams her back into the corner and hits her with shoulder thrusts. Angelina with a shoulder and kicks now. Mickie counters with a hurricanrana. Angelina comes back with a suplex and a 2 count.

Mickie makes a comeback now. Mickie runs the ropes but Winter trips her and she goes down. Mickie gets pulled to the floor and lands hard. Angelina comes and and goes to work on the floor, slamming Mickie’s head into the apron. Angelina brings it back in the ring and beats Mickie up some more. Mickie comes back with a big clothesline. They end up on the floor and Mickie throws Angelina into the steps. Mickie comes back in the ring as Winter helps Angelina up. Angelina comes back in and they trade shots on their knees. They get up and Angelina drops her with a knee to the gut. Mickie comes out of the corner with a big forearm.

More back and forth action. Mickie drops Angelina on her face and climbs up top. Mickie leaps down with a Thesz Press from the top. Winter grabs Mickie’s leg again and distracts her. Angelina charges but Mickie hits a heel kick for a 2 count. Winter puts Angelina’s leg on the ropes and causes more distraction. Angelina recovers and kicks Mickie in the face with Botox Injection as she turns around. Angelina with a 2 count as Mickie’s hand was on the ropes. Winter pulled Mickie’s hand off and Earl Hebner yells at her. Hebner argues with Angelina now. Mickie goes for her DDT but Winter gets on the apron. Mickie knocks her to the floor. Angelina grabs Mickie but she counters and hits Angelina with a suplex for 2. Angelina rolls Mickie up and Winter helps her with the pin but its only a 2 count. Mickie kicks Angelina in the gut and goes for the jumping DDT but it’s botched bad. Mickie covers for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mickie James

- After the match, Mickie is posing with the belt when Winter attacks her. Winter beats Mickie down and whips her with a belt. Winter chokes Mickie as Hebner breaks things up. Angelina goes over and starts choking Mickie now. Hebner orders them both out of the ring now.

- JB is backstage with Brother Ray. Ray talks about he’s a man, Styles is a boy, and he will be the last man standing in their match tonight. Ray says he’s in the best shape of his life and is going to destroy Styles tonight.

Last Man Standing Match: Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles

We go to the ring and out first comes Ray after ring announcer Christy Hemme explains the rules. Ray yells at Hemme until she leaves the ring. Out next comes AJ Styles to a nice pop from the crowd. AJ and Ray face off in the middle of the ring after the bell. Styles runs his mouth as Ray just stares. Ray charges but AJ rocks him. AJ unloads with punches and kicks, taking it to the corner. AJ takes Ray down but he holds onto the ropes and stays half-way up. Styles with chops on the ropes. He runs the ropes but Ray runs over him with a clothesline. Ray with body shots in the corner now.

AJ fights back and hits a big flying forearm in the corner. AJ with more shots in the corner. AJ charges but Ray knocks him out of the air with a big boot. Ray drops an elbow and takes back control. Ray with a big back body drop and a splash in the corner. Ray tells the referee to count AJ down. AJ gets up and Ray goes back to work in the corner. Ray tosses AJ out of the ring and to the floor. Ray takes apart the steel steps and goes to AJ with punches. Ray takes AJ over, lifts him up and drops him face down on the steps. Ray lays the steps on AJ now and stands on top of them. Ray brings it back in the ring and hits AJ with big chops.

AJ yells and Ray drops him with a big chop. AJ yells for more, begging Ray to hit him with another. Ray with another big chop and AJ goes down. AJ gets back up and yells more at Ray. AJ tells him to hit him with his best shot. Ray punches AJ in the jaw and he goes down. Ray tells the referee to start counting. AJ makes it up at 6. He tells Ray to come for more but fights back this time. AJ with big right hands. AJ drops Ray with a kick to the back of the head. AJ springboards in from the apron and hits a big right head, knocking Ray down. Ray ends up on the top and AJ hits him high with a pele. AJ climbs up now and unloads with lefts and rights. Ray grabs AJ up top and powerbombs him to the mat.

Ray grabs a long chain now as both are on the floor. Ray swings it and AJ ducks. AJ grabs the chain now and wraps it around his fist. AJ with a big right hand on Ray, knocking him down. Ray is busted open now but makes it back up. AJ with more right hands. AJ beats Ray around the outside of the ring before bringing it back inside. AJ springboards in from the apron and hits a 450 on a bloody Ray. Ray makes it back to his feet at 9. AJ charges him and dumps him over the top and to the floor. AJ leaps over the top and lands on Ray and the floor. The referee starts to count again. Styles goes for a Styles Clash on the floor but Ray blocks it and drops AJ on the apron.

Ray takes AJ up to the stage area now and looks like he wants to powerbomb him off and onto the floor like on Impact. AJ slides out and kicks Ray. AJ hits a pele now and kicks Ray off the platform. AJ runs across the stage and leaps down to the floor, hitting Ray with a huge right hand. Ray gets up at 8 as AJ grabs a table. AJ grabs a chair and smacks Ray in the back with it. AJ lays Ray on top of the table and goes back to the stage. AJ starts climbing the steel columns of the stage and gets pretty high. AJ leaps down with an elbow drop through the table and Ray. The crowd chants “holy shit” as the referee checks on them both. AJ stands up but Ray kicks him head first into the stage wall and he goes through it. Ray makes it up before the 10 count and gets the win as the crowd chants “bullshit.”

Winner: Brother Ray

- Mr. Anderson is backstage talking about winning the World Heavyweight Title.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Sting

We get a video for the next match and out comes the challenger, Mr. Anderson. Anderson has his mic dropped on the stage. Anderson says this one is for all the people who mocked him asking when he was going to face Sting. Anderson says he’s about to out wrestle Sting. Anderson says there will be a new World Champion tonight and he will hail from Green Bay, Wisconsin and his name is… Mr. Anderson. Sting appears behind Anderson on the stage and yells “Anderson” into the mic. Sting’s face paint is smeared as he goes to work on Anderson on the stage.

Sting fights Anderson to the ring and the bell finally rings. Sting continues the assault and works Anderson over in the corner. Anderson goes to the floor and Sting follows. They trade shots until Sting runs Anderson into the railing. Sting tosses Anderson over the railing and into the crowd. Sting whips Anderson into the Impact wall in the crowd but says that’s not good enough. Sting slams him into it again, and again. Anderson turns it around this time and whips Sting into the wall. Sting beats Anderson to the mat and takes him up the stairs in the crowd. They fight through the crowd with Sting in control.

They fight to the top of the stairs but Sting brings Anderson back to the wall again and now back to the ringside area. Sting brings it back in the ring but Anderson turns things around. Anderson goes back to the floor and works on Sting’s arm, using the ringpost. Anderson brings it back in and goes to work on Sting, getting a 2 count. Anderson with an armbar now. Anderson with more offense and another 2 count. Anderson keeps control and drops Sting with a short clothesline. Elbow drop and a 2 count by Anderson. Anderson goes back to work on Sting’s arm.

Sting tries for a comeback but Anderson kicks him in the head and hits a flying armbar for a 2 count. Another 2 count by Anderson. Anderson goes for a splash in the corner but Sting moves. Anderson with right hands now and a front slam for another 2 count. Anderson goes back to work on Sting’s arm once again. They trade right hands in the middle of the ring now. Sting hits several spinning right hands and finally drops Anderson. Sting with three clotheslines and a big back drop. Stinger Splash in the corner. Sting takes out Anderson’s leg and goes for the Death Lock when Eric Bischoff comes out.

Bischoff distracts Sting, allowing Anderson to come from behind and lay Sting out for a 2 count. Sting hits a DDT out of nowhere for another 2 count. Sting goes for a splash from the second rope but Anderson puts his knees up and gets a 2 count. Anderson goes for the Mic Check but Sting counters with elbows. Anderson grabs him again and hits Mic Check but only gets a 2 count. Anderson gets stuck in the corner and Sting kicks him in the gut. Sting hits a splash on Anderson’s back in the corner. Anderson stumbles out and Sting hits a Death Drop but only gets a 2 count. Sting argues with the referee and has words with Bischoff as he thought he won. Anderson with a low blow and a Mic Check for the win and the World Title.

Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Mr. Anderson

- After the match, Anderson celebrates with the title but there’s not much reaction from the crowd. We go to replays and see when Bischoff jumped in and broke the referee count when Sting had Anderson pinned. Anderson goes to the floor before making his exit. We go to Tenay and Taz.

- We go to Karen Jarrett. They say she’s live from their home in Nashville but it looks like she’s backstage at the Impact Zone. Tenay asks Karen how she is after her fall on Impact. Karen says Kurt pushed her. She talks about how she’s going to wear Angle’s medals for Jeff. Karen gets into it with Tenay and we go to a promo video for tonight’s main event.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

Tonight’s main event is promoted as the final battle between Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett. The winner will also become the new #1 contender and if Jarrett wins, he gets possession of Kurt Angle’s Olympic gold medals. We go to the ring and out first comes Jeff Jarrett. Kurt Angle is out next and here we go.

Jeremy Borash does formal ring introductions before the bell. Angle and Jarrett look to lock up in the corner but Jarrett stalls. They finally lock up and go to the corner. Angle clubs Jarrett before backing off. Angle goes behind Jarrett and takes him down to the mat. Angle with a headlock now. Jarrett gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. Angle with a side headlock on their feet now. Angle drops Jarrett with a shoulder and hit him with a hip toss next. Angle works Jarrett over in the corner again. Angle with a suplex and a 2 count. Angle takes it back to the corner and beats Jarrett up some more.

Jarrett backdrops Angle over the ropes and to the floor. Jarrett goes out and uses the railing on Angle and hits an uppercut. Jarrett throws Angle into the steel steps and drops his throat over the railing. Angle tries to get back in the ring but Jarrett knocks him back to the floor. Jarrett continues to control the match and hits a big knee to the gut for a 2 count. Angle and Jarrett collide in the middle of the ring and go down. Jarrett applies a sleeper hold now. Angle comes back with a suplex. More offense by Angle. Angle with a belly to belly for a 2 count. Angle goes for the ankle lock but Jarrett slides out. Angle with a dropkick from the ropes and a 2 count.

Angle catches Jarrett off the ropes and powerbombs him for a 2 count. Angle rolls into an ankle lock but Jarrett breaks free again. Jarrett comes back with a kick and a DDT for a 2 count. Jarrett goes for the Stroke but Angle hits the Angle Slam. 2 count for Kurt. Angle goes for a moonsault from up top but Jarrett moves and he misses. Jarrett with the Stroke now but he only gets a 2 count. Jarrett goes for a tombstone piledriver but Angle turns it around. Jarrett turns it around this time but Angle slides out and tries for the ankle lock. Kurt gets it locked and pulls Jarrett to the middle of the ring.

Jarrett rolls out of the ankle lock and Angle gets thrown into the referee. The referee goes down holding his knee and rolls out to the floor. Jarrett looks to be walking away from the match but goes under the ring and gets a guitar. Angle gets up and Jarrett lays him out with the guitar. Jarrett throws the pieces out of the ring and calls for another referee. Earl Hebner comes out and counts but Angle kicks out at 2. Jarrett argues with Earl and shoves him. Kurt comes up from behind and rolls Jarrett up for 2. Angle hits three German suplexes and covers for a 2 count. Angle picks Jarrett up and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Right hands by Kurt.

Jarrett pushes Angle back down to the mat. Angle gets up, runs to the top and throws Jarrett overhead down to the mat. 2 count by Angle. Angle takes his straps down and goes for an Angle slam. Jarrett slides out. Angle charges in the corner but hits the ring post with his shoulder. Jarrett takes Kurt to the top now and goes for the Stroke. Jarrett nails it from the top but Kurt kicks out at 2 again. The crowd chants for Angle as Jarrett taunts them. Jarrett goes for the Angle slam but Kurt slides out and goes for a roll up. Jarrett puts the ankle lock on Kurt and the crowd boos. Kurt reaches for the ropes but Jarrett pulls him back and tightens the hold. Angle looks like he’s going to tap out but the crowd chants. Angle kicks out of the hold. Jarrett pulls him back and goes for the ankle lock again. Angle reverses it and tightens the hold. Jarrett taps out to give Angle the win and #1 contendership.

Winner and New #1 Contender: Kurt Angle

- Angle celebrates after the match and heads to the back as we go to replays. Slammiversary goes off the air with Angle posing on the stage and Jarrett trying to recover in the ring.

  • Blah

    Not a bad PPV on the whole, but hopefully they’ll do to Anderson what WWE done to Christian, and have him drop the title before he’s even had a chance to celebrate. He struggled as a main eventer in WWE, and the same in TNA, the crowd don’t react to him the way they do to Sting or Angle, who should be the next champ

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Like Bill said, Thank god that feud is over… It started in what March, possibly earlier? And who else heard that crowd give that thunderous reaction when Anderson won? No, me neither… They need to take the title off of him immediately and put it on somebody the crowd cares about.

  • Chryogenos

    Nice PPV, Well done TNA, You’ve got some of my respect back!

  • Bill

    Thank god this Jarrett/Angle feud is over!

  • jushin liger

    You contradicted yourself with the question you posed. A “IMPACT” or “TNA” hater is someone who bashes them all the time on a consistent basis, never wavering in their opinion.Of course it is okay to bash a wrestling organization when they put out garbage, it is a free country.My only gripe is that i never understood why people come to the TNA section to talk trash and waste precious moments of there life, when they could be watching old clips of the attitude era, 90′s ECW, or i guess for some of the people on here watching John Cena with his shirt off eating a bowl of fruity pebbles lol. To Each his own i always say.

  • chuck

    the people on here who go after tna haters make me laugh, is anyone not allowed to say a company can put on a good and bad show each month if you just look at it fairly

  • Devil_Rising

    There is no way that Angle, at his age, with his “health issues” (you know, the ones that he used as a reason for quitting WWE, even though like only a month later he shows up in TNA?), that he is actually going to make the Olympics. So I seriously doubt he would even try.

  • In Grind We Crust

    how’d “Brother Ray” win Bully Ray VS AJ Styles? “Brother Ray” was apparently not in the match.

  • howie lasseigne

    tna fucken sucks ass why would u screw sting tna has gone to hell and will die very soon if they dont get rid of hogan and Bitchoff wwe way better

  • Marky Mark

    Bully/Styles was pretty decent. Schlocky finish but good match. I didn’t mind the Anderson/Sting match, but Anderson isn’t a champ, will hopefully drop it to Angle. Angle/Jarett was okay too. Wasn’t awful by any means. Some bad finishes but nothing unforgivable.

  • Rucdogg

    I watched and it was a good ppv. Bully Ray vs AJ was actually pretty good, the Knockouts title match was good besides the botched finish. Sting vs Anderson was good, again until the finish. First if Anderson is gonna win let him win without the bs, especially a low blow right in front of the ref before the finisher,lol. Side note Stings ring attire was awesome.

  • Valo487

    Why in the hell would you end the show with a number one contenders match after a world title match?

  • adam tarasievich

    It did seem like a good ppv. The only questionable things i would say is AJ winning because if the crowd chanted this is bullshit then i am guessing something like a double count out almost happend or something along those lines. Because the last time the crowd chanted that it was when sting defended the title against jeff. Also would of been nice to see kaz or kendrik win the x title but i am intrested to see were this goes. THe morgan steiner match im sure was god awful but its only one match. Also i know this has nothing to do with the ppv but both the hardys have lost there minds there is this video up on tmz’s website were they are shocking eachother with a tazer and then jeff shocks matt’s gf with it. They need some serious help. Also if jeff is doing stuff like that i highly doubt he is off drugs.

  • Joe

    Styles and Bully’s match was great until the ending. Having Bully win with a kick was horrible, and his winning the match prolongs the feud. They have done everything possible with their feud and a Last Man Standing match is the perfect way to end it.

    Sting and Anderson was boring as hell. The ending was pointless and poorly done, and I don’t really care for Anderson as champ at this point. I was big on him when he started the Anderson’s Assholes thing, but now, he’s just “meh.”

    Angle winning was a great way to end it though, and I know Kurt can do a great program with Anderson.

  • Chris Andrews

    TNA outdid WWE with this one. Only thing I would suggest is after Sting and Scott Steiner’s current contracts are up, let them retire gracefully. That way, TNA can push its younger talent on PPVs and build towards the future.

  • Andrew

    I gotta be honest, this was a pretty decent PPV. Personally, I was kinda hoping Kaz or Kendrick would’ve won the X Division title to set up for Destination X, but that’s just petty of me lol

  • Chuva

    I don’t get the “Wrestling Matters = clean finishes” thing. If the actual wresting itself… as in the match, is boring, then the clean finish is meaningless. Granted, it IS nice to see matches actually have a conclusion tho, instead of the constant DQ, run-in, shmozz stuff.

    Reads like a decent PPV I guess. Getting Roider out of the way early is a good thing, even tho having him on the card takes the whole show down a notch.

  • Fat chick thriller

    wow I stand corrected.venom I am impressed you didnt badger TNA for once lol.I guess i jumped the gun a bit to soon….my bad.

  • Fat chick thriller

    Where are all the TNA haters now? That was a pretty good PPV.Alot of clear cut winner matches,advanced some storylines while closing out others.I watched it on the computer after getting burned on the last ppv and I was pleasantly surprised.All in all i would give this a 7 out of 10.Anybody else have an intelligent observation besides Venom and the other WWE fanboys with their “TNA SUCKS” comments? lol

  • venom

    I thought Jarrett was going to win because Angle is going to be taking time off for the Olympics.

  • loyd

    Way to go Bitchoff, Lower your ratings even more with a Champ wanna be. This wrestling has gotten to where it turns my stomach. Just aint Wrestling anymore. Hogan, Bitchoff, and the creative writing team need to be buried in the same box and dropped in a deep hole.

  • cam

    seems like a decent show for once :O

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