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TNA Star Attempting To Cross Over To Country Music, MVP Takes Shot At TNA

— TNA Wrestling filmed a music video on Friday for James Storm’s entrance theme “Longnecks & Rednecks” with country music artists Montgomery Gentry and Cowboy Troy. Company officials plan to push Storm’s song to country music radio stations in order to build awareness for the TNA star.

— On Twitter, former WWE Superstar MVP used an analogy to compare WWE to a Lamborghini and New Japan Pro Wrestling to a Corvette. When asked where TNA Wrestling would fit in the analogy, he said Toyota MR2 (an automobile no longer in production). MVP noted in a later tweet that the possibility of him joining TNA is “highly unlikely.”

— TNA Wrestling will hold live events this Thursday in Covington, Kentucky, Friday in Corbin, Kentucky, and Saturday in Pikeville, Kentucky.

— Sarita celebrated her thirty-third birthday Sunday in Japan with a victory over Nanae Takahashi and Miho Wakizawa in a tag team match with Io Shirai as her partner. A photo of her appearance is available here.


  • Buttercastle

    Wow I get paid more than that and I’m a temp.

  • scooter

    yeah as was said before $500 a week is pretty good fun fact most guys starting out get paid on average ten bucks a show or sometimes don’t even get paid at all

  • Jason

    It’s easy to be Jason, just use his name type a load of crap. How can he argue it? lol. If he changes username just copy that and keep posting.

  • Hofgen

    It appears there is a new fake Jason on the scene. It’s like when there was two Sin Caras. I hope whoever is writing this storyline doesn’t drop the ball. I say we lock them both inside one comment thread and let them fight it out cage match style.

  • Jason

    I want some big black nigger dick in my mouth and ass.

  • Hofgen


    I wonder how much TNA would like knowing one of their employees (as if you were one) is going on wrestling news websites to threaten physical violence against viewers when they come to a show.

    On second though, it’s TNA, they’d probably be okay with it.

  • Adam

    Hey Jason, since your in the mood to call people out, Ill be at the show this Saturday in Pikeville KY, Ill say what I feel about TNA to your face and see what happens…You’ll probably turn n run like the bitch you are… I don’t mind putting bitches in their place from time to time…. I really have no plans on being on the house show, I wouldnt go even it was free, id rather not waste my time, but if Jason could prove he works for TNA and guarantee that he would be there, Id take the short drive to put him in his place. I personally believe he’s a 14 yr old punk bitch kid that has no friends so he has to act like a bad ass on the internet

  • Valo487

    Hahahaha, now Jason’s trying to act like a badass. That’s rich.


    I don’t like Jason nop I don’t.

  • Ryan

    I work for WWE(I dont really but I hope to hell you believe me) and all the guys in the locker room laugh at the idea of TNA. Vince just gave the all a big raise for laughing, including me. When TNA offered me a job they said they couldn’t promise money but I’d still have to tell everyone how good the product is in exchange for a Don West brown bag special each month!

  • Pissed Off Fan =(



  • Arrrrrrtruth

    PWI has always been and will always be kayfabe. Anyone that has seen the PWI Top 500 pretty much knows that. With that said, any wrestler that is smart with their money doesn’t need to do more than a handful of indie bookings a month of even. Most wrestlers can’t make it by just wrestling on a TNA contract. It’s not a knock on the company, it’s just how the business works right now.

  • SpudimusPrime89


    Actually, MVP’s name isn’t Shawn. His given name was Alvin Burke, Jr. and he changed it to Hassan Hamin Assad.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Uh oh. We have the internet tough guy Jason!

  • Jason

    Your comments about TNA are hurtful and made me so angry i ate my signed Jeff Hardy t-shirt from when he wrestled for WCW. If I ever see you at a TNA house show I would punch you in the balls and take a photo of it at the same time with my camera phone, that was a present from Hulk Hogan after he and I wrestled each other at Wrestlemania VI. You WWE fanboys don’t understand the greatness of TNA, and when I get my new position as head of booking, I am going to make a story about CC getting beat by Robbie E every week.

  • Wolfie

    Jason without voicing my personal opinion on TNA I will say that if you really do work for them and love them like you say than you really need to watch what you say on here. You aren’t gaining your company any new viewers because nothing you say on here is going to make many if any of these people watch TNA and in fact you are probably costing Impact viewers because of your general bitchiness. *prepares for whiny response*

  • cyndi

    @Jason i surprised you still come on here see these boxes are called “Comment Boxes” for a reason you leave a comment when you have an opinion now i don’t know what girl rejected you in high school or what bully pants you or tied to the poll but my god dude get over yourself i don’t even think the wrestlers TNA WWE INDIES take themselves as seriously as you do take a chill pill smoke a joint get laid but my god i don’t TNA is suffering by any means cause someone on here is insulting it

  • Jason

    PWI is the most respected critic ranking for all of pro wrestling Barry.

  • Jon

    Most of matches and wrestlers from the WWE earn top spots on PWI 2011. Just saying.

  • Nicholas

    MVP most likely will end up back in WWE sooner or later. I don’t blame MVP one bit because right now he is making more money then some of the talent not being use in Tna. I mean Tna been known for not paying a lot of there wrestler.

  • Barry horowitz

    By the way PWI don’t mean shit dude

  • Barry horowitz

    Hahaha Jason acting like a typical bitch ass once someone calls him out as being such shitty PR guy so just like typical unintelligent douche bag 15 year old he threatens violence

  • Jason

    CC I’m begging you to come to one of our house shows so that you can just try and say any of the things that you say to me on here to my face. Please I’m begging you

    Lisa/Tara never spoke bad about TNA, she just said that she wanted an increase in pay. (Which btw she got when she came back) RVD never said anything bad about TNA either.

    Again please say any of these things to my face, just give me a reason.

    BTW CC did you see that PWI voted TNA the best wrestling company of the year in 2011? Eat on that

  • CC

    Poor Jason, crying like a little baby as always cause someone just insulted his tin pot little company.

    And anyway, comments like that wouldnt stop TNA signing him.
    I mean, only a week or two before he signed with TNA, RVD was saying he wouldnt go to a company like TNA as WWE was top of the ladder, and wrestling anywhere else would be like going back into the small time.
    Only when his negotiations with WWE fell through did he go to TNA, and they snapped him up.

    So yeah Jason, TNA has never signed anyone who bad mouthed them … ya know, like Tara when she bad mouthed them when she left them a year or two back.

    If you really are in PR with TNA, no wonder their PR is so shit.
    They need to hire people with a maturity level higher than a fifteen year olds.

  • Dave

    Oi MVP. Shut It.
    I’ve owned 2 MR2s. And they are awesome little sports cars.
    I wont hear a word against them.

  • 1919dpg

    jason, 500 dollars a night is actually pretty good. just need to do about 4 of 5 bookings and your set.

  • Valo487

    Yeah Jason, he’ll be really out of luck if he can’t get a job in TNA…he left WWE on his own accord, promptly got a job in Japan where he’s doing well and is satisfied with his career.

    Shouldn’t you have a leg to stand on before you start talking shit about someone?

  • Jason

    Well done Shawn aka MVP, you just ruined any chance of ever getting hired by the number two company. You better hope NJPW resigns you next month or that WWE wants your overrated ass because if not enjoy working the indies for $500 bucks a show.

  • Jon

    Storm song is a really good song for concerning country music.

  • Jason

    well MVP isn’t really wrong about TNA. It hasn’t been good or decent in years.