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TNA Star Called Clueless in the Ring, TNA Signs a Former WWE Star and More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Elijah Burke has been signed by TNA and will be debuting under a new ring name that is said to be likely a heavily gimmicked name. Burke has been wrestling a lot at Ohio Valley Wrestling as of late.

– Reports on The British Invasion’s Rob Terry is that he’s clueless in the ring. Terry was trained by Team 3D at their wrestling school in Florida.

– The goal is to build Bobby Lashley up and then go hard on a Brock Lesnar challenge, pushing Lashley as both a wrestling and MMA star. Lashley was quiet backstage at the TNA shows.

– TNA teased a split between The LAX on iMPACT this week as Hernandez and Homicide had some words between each other. Word is that the team won’t be breaking up but both of them are going to be used as mainly singles stars right now. Hernandez is in line for a big push.

  • Stockshark

    Damm finally tna gets it Hernandez beat that old woman Samoa “I like like and old women” Joe. Hernandez looks like he could kick all of the old gezzers in the MEM by himself!!!!!!!!!!!! Supermex all the way!!

  • Keith Learmonth

    Elijah Burke is awesome. i hope he goes well.

  • Chris E

    I love the British invasion (the handshake thing cracks me up every time), but I could see Rob looks clueless in the ring. Too bad.

  • Wilcard

    LAX are a great team and not all teams have to split to go on single runs right? Have Homicide X Division champ and Hernendez contending in the main event scene and still helping eachother out. There multiple time tag team champs as heels and faces, its the only logical thing they both deserve.

  • MikeCrazy

    Finally!!! Hernandez needs to get a big push but I’m not too sure how well he’ll do on the mic. He may need a manager or something. Just because WWE S****ed on Burke doesn’t mean he is a bad wrestler. Just look at who they let go that could have been huge starts in WWE. I’m only going to name two Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. Not to mention the big names they lost because they only wanted to big up the same old crap like CENA!

  • Jason

    Burk, Richards and the whole x-division mixed with the knock outs own anything wwe.

  • jaybee

    No room for Burke? Have you seen some of the crap on TNA’s roster? shark boy, abyss, eric young, and a bunch of old guys past their prime. Burke is better than 95% of the roster. He cold be a main eventer there.

  • 6burgh

    no room for burke. locker room is full dumb signing.