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TNA Star Daniels Returns to Ring of Honor

Source: PWInsider

– TNA star Christopher Daniels returned to Ring of Honor last night in Charlotte, NC and challenged Davey Richards to a match. Word at the show was that Daniels has signed on with ROH for a number of dates including the next New York City and Virginia events. The deal is something that was put together just a few days ago.

Daniels cut a promo, saying he has been held back for seven years and now returned to ROH to prove he’s the best. No word yet on Daniels’ status with TNA but some people in TNA were surprised to see him return at the ROH show.


    Daniels going to wwe will suck! Vince will bury him like he did Chris Harris and Kid Kash. He made then a joke in his company.

  • edgehead15

    As great as Daniels is could we please stop acting as if he has a bright future ahead of him, the guys gonna be 40 soon!

  • Treg

    I had a feeling we’d be seeing him back there. He needs to win that ROH World title that elluded him. Screw TNA.. they just keep burying him and never put him on TV.

  • Matt

    I was there and the crowd went pretty crazy. Good to see Daniels where he belongs.

  • Scooter

    “Daniels cut a promo, saying he has been held back for seven years”
    Damn straight! Daniels was held back for years and then when he finally got his push Hulk Hogan buries the guy because he feels he “doesn’t even look like a wrestler” what the fuck does that mean eh Hulk? translation roided up freak who can’t work for shit notice Rob Terry’s been getting pushed don’t get me wrong he’s pushed some of the right people as well but Daniels is one of the best wrestlers alive today

  • Juan

    Honestly I would hope they release him so maybe ROH or even the WWE takes him. ROH will treat him well and maybe WWE will get the stick out there Butts and use him well.

  • the real wrestling god

    Well Tna isn’t really doing anything with him right now. Ever since Hogan came in he’s been jobbing. So a roh return is what’s best for him now. We all know damn sure he wouldn’t survive in wwe.

  • Logan

    I since a release, I hope not but if TNA does let him go….I’ve lost all faith in TNA.