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TNA Star James Storm Suffers Groin Injury

— TNA star James Storm announced he suffered a groin injury while refereeing the tag match between Bad Influence and Austin Aries & Bobby Roode. The injury happened when he slid in to count a pinfall. Storm suffered a pulled groin, and was in so much pain 24 hours later, that he decided to visit the emergency room after a live event in Birmingham, AL.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Yeah, he’s got HBK’s SuperKick, Y2J’s Codebreaker, and and The Ref’s Slide pin, well not anymore

  • Pewp

    Yeah, I love it when TNA guys use WWE guys moves.

    I also love it when TNA guys use an awesome finisher then WWE does it better, signs the TNA guy that used it, jobs them out and has someone else beat them with that finisher.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Former champion gets injured when he steals another superstars move, this time a referee’s slide move and pulls groin while trying to look badass, but fails miserably
    sorry bout your damn luck,lol

  • Jason Lentini

    He’s probably not used to doing that as opposed to taking bumps and such.

  • Pewp

    Former champ injures himself sliding into the ring. What a credible championship.

  • Will Henderson

    now that’s embarrassing, getting hurt while being a guest referee.