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TNA Star Lashes Out At Internet Fans, Former X Division Champ At No Surrender

— Gunner lashed out at the Internet wrestling community on Twitter following last night’s No Surrender pay-per-view, writing, “Amazing job from all Impact talent tonite! No Surrender was a success! SUCK IT DIRT SHEETS AND FAT COMPUTER MARKS AT HOME.”

He responded to criticism over his remarks this afternoon, writing, “So apparently the message boards are calling me an “egomaniac”! Ahhhh u guys are silly!! FAT COMPUTER MARKS…oooppss I did it again.”

The ten-year veteran continued, “Good thing the so called message boards don’t really mean crap to me! My true fans are the ones who know we all bust our tails to entertain u all.”

He then added, “We need to get FATCOMPUTERMARKS trending!”

— Former X Division Champion Homicide was backstage visiting former colleagues last night at No Surrender. He parted ways with TNA in August 2010 after requesting his release from the organization.


  • venom

    Gunner’s poor attitude isn’t going to help TNA.

  • lazlo woodbine


    Nicely put.

  • poko

    I’m guessing this guy is kind of an idiot. Never had a problem with him before, but this makes him look like a petulant kid. The “internet” wrestling fans are probably TNA’s primary audience. Indiscriminate insults aimed at those fans is just a dumb move.

    And this distinction of “internet wrestling fan” really needs to die. Everyone has the internet. If someone is interested enough in wrestling to look it up and talk about it online, then THOSE are the people you want to embrace.

    TNA wrestlers insult fans online, while the WWE is trying hard to use social media to enhance storylines. This is another example of why TNA is so far behind.

  • Nick Is Awsome

    The thing you have to remember about gunner is he is a hogan/bichoff mark so this is another form of kissing there ass for him. he keeps kissing enough ass he will get a the title belt tna seems to be going down that road. Hogan/bichoff like to throw hailmarrys from the goalline becuse there retards

  • Valo487

    Gunner is the lamest, blandest guy to lace up wrestling boots in years, and if he thinks No Surrender was a success, he’s kidding himself. I guess if you keep your bar low enough, you’re never disappointed.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Gunner needs to quit lying to himself… That ppv sucked, only a few matches were good.

  • No1Coleminer

    true for him, but many “celebs” bash online people and i just never get why they dont ignore the hate. Id rather be hated than not mentioned at all, if i were to have to pick

  • Paton

    he is still making barely any money in a third rate promotion.

  • No1Coleminer

    I dont get why people still get pissed at internet crap. I have always said, if i were famous for being skilled at something, i would not take the words of “general people” slightest bit seriously, instead just relax in my big house that theyll never own 😀

  • Nick Is Awsome

    but he isnt an original tna star he is a hogan/bichoff creation so he wouldnt know what a good show looks like or what tna used to be

  • Nick Is Awsome

    ha ha if he really didnt care he wouldnt get so pissed he should really be pissed by the fact that the ppv sucked and he shouldnt be so upset with the internet fans becuse if it wasnt for them tna would still be without a network and chargine people 10 bucks to watch there tna shows how else does he think that tna circulated around. But in all honestly the ppv sucked

  • Boomski

    He must read this website too.