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Former TNA Star Reportedly Signs With WWE, Stephanie McMahon Against Bullying

– According to, former TNA Wrestling star Alex Shelley has signed a contract with WWE.

– WWE Executive Vice President of Creative Stephanie McMahon, Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry and James Durbin of “American Idol” fame and others brought the be a STAR Alliance’s anti-bullying message to 500 sixth, seventh and eighth graders at Los Angeles’ Markham Middle School on Friday morning.

McMahon encouraged those bullied, “Know that you are not alone. There are many WWE Superstars, many celebrities, a lot of successful people who have been victims of bullying. You can overcome it. You can stand up against it.

“Be a STAR is such an incredibly important message for me,” she explained. “I have three young girls, and teaching them about bullying, how to stand up against bullying and providing them with all the tools necessary to do just that is incredibly important to me.”

The full story is available here.

– Former WWE Superstar Ken Shamrock is today’s featured Superstar on

  • evetorres_chin

    GIgggityyyyy! i wouldn’t mind giving her an inverted stone cold stunner


    You mean triple H reverse inverted pedigrees Stephanie all night?

  • evetorres_chin

    stephanie bullies HHH nuts everynight

  • Cliff Sprewell

    My big narrow dick may not be sucked however. This has nothing to do with wrestling I just wanted to lay down some rules.

  • SYM

    Well you guys can all suck my tiny dick, I know wwe and tna and we need chavo

  • PinkSinCara

    Alex Shelley?!! OMG SO NOT INTERESTED!!

  • benjiv1


    Uh, that’s what the Impact Zone would chant. I wasn’t trying to be clever.

    Thanks for coming out.

  • SYM

    @benjiv4 says the “Peanut Butter Shelley Time” Guy thats dumber than WWE and Scooby Doo partnering up.

  • benjiv1


    Are you on drugs? Eyeback…Really?

  • SYM

    Oh I cant wait for the WWE Fanboys on this site to lose their Tops over this. They’ll get excited over nothing because we all know WWE will name him Eric Gregory and have him on NXT, then boost him to the Main Roster to job to EyeBack oops I mean Eyeberg….Whoops Ryback!

  • benjiv1

    If it’s true about HHH wanting to develope the tag-team division, this is fantastic news.

    The Motor City Machine Guns were the best tag team in the world for a couple years, having Shelley on the WWE roster is a step in the right direction.

    Perhaps they could re-unite Shelley and Bourne (Matt Sydal) to reform one half of Generation Next.

    Either way…it’s Peanut Butter Shelley Time!