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TNA Wrestling has posted online the latest episode of its Spin Cycle web series, which features Rob Van Dam, Brian Kendrick, Mickie James and Douglas Williams as panelists, with Jeremy Borash hosting. The wrestler formerly known as “The Brian Kendrick” notably remarked his hidden secret, his hatred for finisher maneuvers, and his conspiracy theory for 9/11.

In response to the topic of the premiere finishing maneuver in the company, Kendrick replied, “I think the idea of having a move to finish someone off with is silly to begin with. You know what I mean?

“I’m going to wait to hit you with my speciality move, then you’ll be knocked out.”

On the topic of hidden secrets, Kendrick said that at times, he really hates being a professional wrestler.

“My hidden secret is sometimes I hate wrestling so much,” he revealed.

“I was lying in bed last night and I couldn’t move my knee. I just started crying. I had to wrestle a dark match because of all the stupid politics. And I just hate being a wrestler so much sometimes that I just want to slap myself in the face for being so stupid.”

He later issued his conspiracy theory for 9/11, calling it “an inside job.”

To view the episode, click here.

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  • kill cena haters

    and brian kendrick will never be champion lol haaaa

  • wtf???

    finishers are stupid? maybe. how about i’m going to punch you in the face and stomp my foot? what does that do?

  • !?

    Brian Kendrick is weird, maybe it’s the cannibus lol. Oh well, at least he is the normal kind of weird, Paul London is a certified nutjob lol. I do agree with Kendrick about finishers, that concept has always seemed stupid and outdated to me.

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