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Chris Sabin Sidelined Until 2012, Mick Foley Apologizes For Recent TNA Jab

— Chris Sabin will be sidelined until 2012 after tearing both the ACL and MCL in his knee during a match last month on iMPACT!. He underwent surgery on his injured knee earlier this month.

Sabin suffered the injury during a match against Anarquia at the April 20 iMPACT! taping. He went for a springboard clothesline and tweaked his knee when the Mexican America member was out-of-position to receive the maneuver. The referee was instructed to end the match when it appeared Sabin was injured.

— Mick Foley apologized for his recent remark poking fun at TNA house show attendance.

He wrote on Twitter, “You know, in retrospect, I probably shoudn’t have compared an empty arena match to an Impact house show. Funny..but disrespectful.”

During WWE’s Over the Limit pay-per-view, Foley responded to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson touting his victory over the Hardcore Legend in an “I Quit” Match in 1999 by saying he later beat him in an “Empty Arena Match aka TNA house show.”

  • shawn

    when sabin injured himself on tv his partner alex shelly came back from injury. no luck there.

  • erik

    @cenahter just like hhh said on raw in 2006. mick foley is a turd in a toliet. it doesn’t matter how hard you try to flush it down, it keeps poping up. that is what hhh said on raw 2006 about foley. it is true foley won’t go away!

  • Eric Nixon

    Oh, so BOTH of those guys in Mexican America are sloppy wrestlers. If wrestling really mattered, they both be given their walking papers.

  • cenahater

    the network can do whatever he damn well pleases. plus soon he will be back to the wwe as the raw gm anyways.

  • jimbo jones

    foley should go back to wwe and claim his place in the hall of fame.

  • venom

    At least Mic Foley knows what kind of company he works for.

  • kannon

    CC lay off he has had so many damn concussions he can’t think straight anymore. Also he once said for over a year it was like he was under water.

  • CC

    You have to say that Foley has been in this business long enough to realise you shouldnt say shit like that about your current employer, even if its true.

    Pretty idiotic of him in reality, and if he wasnt as big a name as he was, he would be out the door.

  • adam tarasievich

    wow thank you anarquia for taking out a talented member of the tna roster. That seems like a fair trade off.

  • Chryogenos

    LOL, Empty Arena Match = TNA House show