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– On her Twitter account, TNA President Dixie Carter has announced that Ric Flair will be appearing on ESPNews at 3:40PM EST to talk about the Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl triumph.

WWE officials won’t be happy considering Flair will be interviewed about Rodgers wearing one of their replica title belts.

credit – prowrestling.net

  • Buttercastle

    Also to add to what CC said, if WWE mentioned TNA it would only give them more publicity and inform their ‘lesser knowing’ fans that there is more than 1 option when it comes to what wrestling you watch on tv.

  • CC

    @TomC. The difference with the WWF/WCW thing is it really was a matter of two powerhouses going head to head, wanting to put eachother out of business.
    TNA at the moment (and probably never with the way they are going) is not even considered a threat to WWE, so there is absolutely no need for them to mention them.
    Also, if WWE did start taking shots at the underdog, cause thats how TNA is viewed, then it would only initiate a negative bully boy backlash against WWE.

    If TNA raised their game and became a threat, then things might be different, but I dont see that happening either in our lifetimes, or before they go under.

  • TomC

    Personally, I LOVE it when TNA wrestlers talk smack about WWE on television. I wish WWE would do it right back. Makes things seem a bit more “real” – if you know what I mean.

    I mean, we all know it’s a big ole show, but it adds a bit of “real world” conflict when to top promotions throw a little smack talk toward each other – like WWE did with DX when they tried to “invade” a WCW show. That was CLASSIC.

    We all know the promotions exist … but today’s WWE likes to avoid any/all mention of any other promotion as if they don’t. Where’s the fun in that ??

  • CC

    Like most people here, I dont understand how people are assuming WWE would be upset by this.
    The fact that a TNA star is talking about something WWE related would be looked at as a bonus to WWE unless it was in a negative light, and I havent seen anything to suggest Flair is going to do that.

  • BrockLesnarTurtleDance

    What precedence is there to suggest that WWE will give half a rat’s rear end about what they are going to do?

  • mark

    who gives a fuck

  • Myers

    Why would WWE be upset about free publicity? I seriously doubt Flair is going to trash a title he won on many occasions or trash a company that gave him one of the biggest send offs ever. This is the crap from internet “journalists” that annoys me to no end. “oh my god he’s going to talk about a world title from another.” The wrestling will be changed forever after this interview….dumbass.

  • TomC

    WHO CARES that Aaron Rogers wore a replica belt . . . they’re for sale all over the net, and I do not believe there is a “you can’t wear it here, or there, or there” clause in the sales contract.

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