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Former TNA Tag Team Works a WWE Tryout Yesterday

– Former TNA stars Nick and Matt Jackson, formerly known as Generation Me, received a WWE tryout yesterday afternoon before the Monday Night RAW in San Diego. The two worked matches in front of the WWE producers yesterday afternoon before RAW began.

Nick and Matt were among several other California based talents who received WWE tryouts yesterday.

As noted before, WWE is looking to revive the tag team division under Triple H’s influence.

Source: PWInsider

  • venom

    This looks like there will be a tag team division again.

  • daniel

    @ shawn youve hit thenal on the head mate BEER MONEY what a coup for the wwe

  • Shawn

    Wow, to think that within the next 12 months, WWE might have:
    Kings of Wrestling
    Young Bucks
    Beer Money
    Briscoe Brothers

    This is fantastic news. Also, don’t be surprised to also see “The World’s Greatest Tag Team” back.

  • adam

    This could be awesome have them plus the uso’s and KOW if they officially signed. Plus they got a good tag team in devlopment but broke them up with the rotundas.

  • ##

    Nick and Matt could easily make the WWE Universe (lol) forget about Jeff and Matt. Who knows they could bill them as the Hardy’s nephews or cousins to make Jeff and Matt look old LOL

  • The Man

    It’s about time the new age outlaws came back and joined hhh and Nash!!

  • daniel

    @ the haters i don’t think randy macho man savage is bullshit he was & is my hero

  • daniel

    generation me well my wrestly sense is tingling but i do hope that the wwe looks into hiring jay lethal “OOOOOHHHH YEAH” sorry i couldnt resist i did find jay laughable when he was like randy savage but when he got rid of the bs he was pretty good

  • theMark

    Generation Me sucks. who cares about them, even if WWE hires them, they’ll make them jobbers jus to put over some random crappy team the put together

  • JIR

    I hope this is serious and not another Katy Perry type tease

  • mark

    cool about time

  • Dave

    I’d love to see it. But they definitely don’t fit the modern WWE mould.
    They are a quality tag team, and they can wrestle. That has got to rule them out.

  • Tyler(:

    The Young Bucks in WWE? Yes please.