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TNA Teasing Big Announcement Involving YouTube

TNA is teasing a big announcement about their presence on YouTube. They wrote on Twitter:

“Big news coming soon about TNA on @YouTube – stay tuned!”

It’s worth noting that YouTube will be unveiling a subscription service in the weeks to come for several of their channel partners. The cost for a subscription with those partners would be in the $2 – $5 per month range.

  • Solid


  • CC

    I’ll grant you that I am not a fan of TNA anymore (I used to be in the early days), but I know a few people who are fans, and even they roll their eyes everytime TNA or Dixie has a “huge announcement/surprise”.
    95% of the time its always a let down, something it wouldnt have been if they hadnt preannounced the announcement.

  • Solid

    I wish TNA would stop using the word big with surprise and /or announcement.

    Seriously. 😛

  • Pewp

    let me guess, suicide is returning?