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TNA World Heavyweight Tournament PPV Spoilers

Tonight TNA taped their One Night Only World Heavyweight Tournament pay-per-view event. Here are the full results.

* Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Hardy.

* Mr Anderson defeated James Storm.

* James Storm defeated Bully Ray via DQ.

* Austin Aries defeated Kurt Angle.

* Bobby Roode defeated Sting.

* Bobby Roode defeated James Storm.

* Samoa Joe defeated Austin Aries.

* Bobby Roode defeated Samoa Joe.

This concluded the tapings.


  • Scooter

    The only logical explanation I can think of is that they don’t want to give away anything about his new heel gimmick.

  • CC

    So where is Styles then? I know RVD is out of the company by the looks of it, but dont see why they would exclude Styles.

  • Centurypromotion

    I agree Dave that Hardcore Justice line up look pretty damn good

  • Scooter

    No it’s a tournament to determine the greatest world champ in the companys history. Makes sense Bobby winning seeing as he was the longest reigning champ.

  • CC

    sounds like it seeing as Bully Ray was knocked out early and Roode won it. If its just a qualifier thing, why would Bully Ray be in it at all?

  • Dave

    Are TNA trying to apply their TV show schedule to their PPV scheduling? They seem to have filmed 4 PPV events in the last few days. Rather like the days when they would film a months worth of Impact tapings over a couple of days. Does this mean we can expect to see this on TV anytime soon. Because I quite liked the lineup they had for the Hardcore Justice 2 event that had spoilers posted a day or so ago.

  • adam

    so is bobby the world champion?