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Former TNA World Title Holder Returning To Impact, Update On Ohio Valley Wrestling

– A former TNA World Heavyweight Champion is scheduled for this Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling. TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter revealed in this “#IMPACT365” video that she received a phone call from a former World Title holder this morning, and that individual will be on hand for Thursday’s show in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“He is one of the greatest of all time,” said Carter. “I can not wait to welcome him home. Stay tuned.”


– It was reported on Saturday that TNA Wrestling has officially severed ties with its developmental promotion, Ohio Valley Wrestling, in an effort to cut costs. is reporting today that contracted wrestlers stationed in Louisville, Kentucky, have been directed to move to Orlando, Florida, where Impact Wrestling will be filmed regularly going forward.

– has released new T-Shirts on AJ Styles, Sting, Chris Sabin, Gunner and James Storm, Ethan Carter III and Kenny King.

  • Jason Lentini

    I think Ric is still under a Legends contract.


    Or maybe mick foley


    Probably jeff jarrett

  • Johhny

    she did not say a former tna world title holder,however do not get your hopes up,could be abyss tho

  • poko

    Didn’t they storyline explain this by saying they were clearing back-stock? With professional wrestling, that seems plausible enough. The vast majority of fans realize AJ isn’t really gone or that Big Show isn’t really suing the WWE. It would be idiotic to turn down money by not selling his merchandise.

    Also, please let this not be Ric Flair.

  • millerj265

    Gasp! How can this be, why in the name of all that is holy would you continue to sell the merchandise of, and for that matter make new merchandise for the man who walked out on your company, and took with him its WHC! Im… im just at a lose for words Dixie, I knew ppl were talking bad about you and saying you had no idea how to run a wrestling promotion, but I just didn’t wanna believe it could be true….. But now.. im just not sure anymore….Oh Dixie… SMH.