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TNA Wrestler Hosting a TV Show, News on Tonight’s Episode of Impact Wrestling

– TNA star Eric Young will be hosting a new TV series on Animal Planet called Fish America. Young is being billed as an avid outdoorsman and pro wrestler. He will be going around the country doing comedy and fishing.

– We never received TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers for tonight’s show on Spike because our correspondent was at WWE RAW in Miami on Monday night. Tonight’s Impact will feature Eric Young’s bachelor party, Hulk Hogan addressing the TNA roster and the return of The Motor City Machineguns.

  • Angry benny

    TNA will never compete with WWE, sorry Jason, I want TNA to be better, I do, but that will never come, no emotion, the storyline changes too quick, no build up, no big PPV’s, and I want to honestly ask you, WWE has WrestleMania, What is Tna’s Wrestlemania? what is Tna’s Royal Rumble? or the equivalant, I’ve been watching Tna for a long time and they do not package these PPV’s at all, it just seems like a little build up, when I purchased a PPV from TNA it just seemed like a house show with new Banners, Against all odds? really! So Jason you may be a really big fan of TNA, and thats cool, but you cannot compete with the WWE, they just have their shit more together then Tna, and thats just the truth..

  • Hofgen


    So now you want us to love TNA because it’s good for WWE? Choose you angle and stick with it.

  • Valo487

    I do want WWE to be better Jason. But I want TNA to be better even more. WWE will never try harder until they have a competitor who is doing what they do better than they are and people start changing the channel. TNA’s product guarantees WWE will never change, because they aren’t even on WWE’s level. They have a good roster, but they keep losing the young guys who could really add to the company in favor of past their prime legends, so maybe TNA should try to be better before they expect people to jump onboard their ship.

  • Flip

    It’s weird that out of everyone in TNA they would choose Eric Young but I’m sure the show will be hilarious.

  • Jason

    Man the hate for TNA on this site is so dumb. Don’t you guys want WWE to be better?

    The only way the WWE product will get better is if hardcore WWE fans give the only company that has a chance of beating or coming close to beating WWE a chance via TNA. If not I don’t want to dare hear any of you cry or shit on WWE for not producing a better product.

  • Valo487

    Sounds like your correspondent definitely made the right choice.