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TNA Wrestling Makes An Announcement Concerning Victory Road

TNA Wrestling issued the following statement regarding Sunday’s Victory Road pay-per-view event:


TNA Wrestling strives to give fans who purchase our pay-per-views as close to a full three-hour event as possible. This past Sunday’s “TNA Victory Road” fell short of that standard. Your support of TNA is never taken for granted. To show you how we value that support, we would like to offer six months of free access to the library.

To receive your free offer, please send us a copy of your Victory Road pay-per-view purchase receipt to :

TNA OnDemand Offer
209 10th Avenue South, #302
Nashville, TN 37203.

Please be sure and submit your name, address, and email address, as we will be emailing a special code that will unlock over 300 hours of great TNA Wrestling action.

  • Bill

    @Jushin Liger

    I’d like to see TNA get really big, which could force WWE to raise Its bar. I just wouldn’t want to see TNA win. I’m WWE through & through.(Not PG-Cena WWE, but Owen Hart, Stone Cold, The Rock, HHH, Undertaker classic WWE/F)

  • Jushin Liger

    It is very refreshing to see another person on here posting with some thought behind there comments.I can’t wrap my head around why WWE marks feel the need to come to a TNA column and bash them.I would say the same for TNA marks except either there are none left, or they realize what we both do.Everyone knows wrestling sucks on both shows right now,sometime more on one than the other, but what we need is for Everyone to support both programs so that TNA can grow to compete with WWE.Without competition WWE knows they don’t have to push the envelope and get creative, they can crap any old crap down our throats and we either stay fans and take it or we walk away from wrestling for good.I know now you are saying to yourself ” wtf ever tna storylines are garbage and they have a methhead in the main event time after time”.I get that but they are going through growing pains like all companies do.They have advertisers and paying sponsors to explain decisons too.I hear everybody scream ” fire hogan, Fire bishoff” but they don’t see past there T.V.’s.the sponsors want big names like hogan, bishoff, hardy, and flair to attach there money too.In advertisers eyes, big names sell.They don’t give a damn about someone like samoa joe or AJ styles, they don’t know them from joe blow down the street.I just wish the average WWE mark could see the big picture that if TNA goes under, the wrestling fan suffers.I mean seriously if they were battling tna like they did WCW you think they would be putting garbage out there like Michael Cole acting the way he is, throwing john cena down your throat every monday or having the nexxus do the same thing every monday night raw final match for 15 weeks straight like last year???? SOrry i went off the handle and rambled here, TOMC keep fighting the good fight brother, there are sensible people here in the background.

  • Bill

    @TomC & theviewtvshow, your feud is almost as big as mine with bill sucks!

  • TomC

    Spoken like a true, live with mom, couch-potato, porn-watching (cuz it’s the ONLY sex he’ll ever experience) LOSER.

    Keep up the comedy, “view” … that hole of ignorance you continue to dig for yourself just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

    LMAO !!!

  • theviewtvshow

    tomCockboy stand proud, tna is on fire, go buy victory road on dvd and cum in your mothers stocking over it

  • bill sucks

    oooga booga booga! cena rules! hardy a cool homzie! cole rulz, 2. they tha beasts of da efffin wurld.

  • jim

    lol at all the WWE marks who didnt watch the ppv much less order it whining over what they offered the people who actaully did.for the wwe marks no matter what TNA would have done they would have bashed it.

  • Didn’t WWE apologize for that show?

  • Joe

    Dose anyone remember the shity wwecw ppv December to Dismember, there was like only 2 matches announced before goin live.

  • Bill

    Nice thing of TNA to do. They acknowledged their mistake at the PPV & trying to make up for it. Let’s hope Jeff Hardy will do the same.

  • Matt

    sorry but as bad as the EC was, at least it wasn’t headlined by a drug addict who was allowed to come to the ring stoned/drunk/wasted/whatever and then clusterfuck the main event into 88 seconds.

  • TomC

    Hey, at least TNA offered SOMETHING to it’s fans. WWE didn’t offer SQUAT to those who wasted money and time watching the piss-poor ppv that was “Elimination Chamber.”

  • TomC

    @theview . . . more hilarious irony concerning toilets . . . since that’s where YOUR life has been since the day you were born.

    Keep the comedy comin’ clown.

  • jimbo jones

    Okay, it’s time for TNA to take out the trash. Jeff Hardy should be gone or he shoudnt be back until he has cleaned up his act. Its sorry to see that he is the one they want to represent TNA. This guy is standing trial for drug charges at the moment for crying out loud. Hes popular with the kids and he’s talented, albeit not the most talented but over enough he could carry the company…if he was straight. Until that happens, he is a danger to himself and anyone around him if he is performing. I hope he does take some time and whatever else he needs to get better, not just for TNA but himself and his family.
    As for the ppv. I’m glad i didnt watch or order it. They shouldve just said Jeff was sick or had travel issues or something and the match would not happen that night. There are plenty of other guys in TNA Sting couldve had a really good 15 minute match with. knowing as how TNA has been written lately though, it wouldve been Hogan coming down to the ring with his walker…finger poke of doom to sting…Hogan covers Sting for the 1 2 3…and wins the championship.
    Speaking of taking out the trash…TNA should get rid of Hogan and Bischoff as soon as they get the chance. WCW has been dead for 10 years now. TNA has the People that killed it on payroll as their creative team.

  • scooter

    endure one pretty piss poor ppv to get access to see old tna ppvs for free hmm if you think about it your kinda winning

  • mark

    I think TNA needs to look at itself in the mirror, fans paid good money to watch Victory Road, and for the main event to last atleast 1min 28 secs is bolux to say the least. I used to like Jeff Hardy as one of the most exciting wrestlers to watch on tv. Since he left WWE 2 yrs ago, he just fallen off the rails. You have a daughter now Jeff!!!

  • nate

    @theview sorry dude not a tna fan. Just wanted to know how its feels to be a compelete loser who has nothing better to do, than to click on every tna article that pops up and talk shit about it.

  • Mike Oxhard

    @Will Henderson Suing TNA for everything they’ve go will buy you something off the dollar menu.

  • Eric Nixon

    @Will Henderson

    A class action lawsuit? Are you mental? Would you sue Van Halen because they only played 15 seconds of Panama?


    Look, I’m surprised they’re doing anything at all. They really don’t have to. They could just hide behind the “Card Subject to Change” line, or Eric Bischoff can once again tell us that we don’t really know how the wrestling business works (as TNA crumbles around him).

    And look at the time the match started. It was almost 10:45. The match wouldn’t have very long anyway. I think they added time to the other matches to fill the time. So you got your money’s worth of wrestling. And c’mon. How many of you are really that upset that Jeff Hardy vs. Sting was only 88 seconds? Did the match really have the possibility of being an classic?

    However, TNA is not getting away scot-free. If you really want to make it right, and prevent it from happening again, FIRE Jeff Hardy. No one is surprised that this happened, and expected it eventually. Don’t fire him for us, do it for your company. Keeping him is a really bad example.

  • theviewtvshow

    what are you going to defend when tna floats down the toilet?
    bukkake films?

  • Chris

    @The King of Kings

    If you are so damn proud and glad to be a WWE fan why are you going apeshit over something TNA did? They aren’t on the WWE’s level. Best to ignore until they go away

  • theviewtvshow

    lol nate, go enjoy victory road some more 🙂

  • Will Henderson

    if i bought the PPV, i would find a way to contact a lawyer and start a class action lawsuit. a free six-month offer to TNA on Demand’s site is not a good deal for those screwed over instead, sue the shit out of the company for all they got.

  • The King of Kings 69

    Note to TNA: how about an APOLOGY & that u GIVE THE PPL WHO ORDERED THIS CLUSTER FUCK BULLSHIT CALLED A PAY-PER-VIEW BACK THEIR MONEY!!!! that would be the right thing to do u assholes…damn am i glad im not a TNA fan..but even more glad that i didnt buy this bullshit ppv….i just feel bad for those who actually did buy this shit & are stuck with no refund & free bullshit that they either already saw god knows how many times…but like the sipeli said above most if not all of it is on Youtube….this is exactly why im damn proud & glad im a WWE WWE Perfect…No not by any means but goddamn this is horrible & inexcusable.. WWE wouldn’t do shit like this if anything we would get an apology & a refund but then again they wouldnt have to cuz they wouldnt have sent out a guy that was totally high out of his fuckin skull either…

  • nate

    @theview how does it feel to be a REAL 40 yr old virgin who loves to use porn refrencenes?

  • theviewtvshow

    great now the die hard TNA fluffers can watch the mainevent of victory road over and over

  • Sipeli

    You mean access to something thats mostly free on youtube? Well at least its something. Especially for those 6 people who DIDNT watch a free stream.

  • CM Mark

    LOL. Good for TNA. Why don’t they just offer everyone a free smaple of whatever Hardy was on instead…