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TNA Wrestling Reportedly Having Financial Problems, Knockouts Land Mag Cover

Wrestling Observer Newsletter editor Dave Meltzer revealed that TNA Wrestling is having financial difficulties as talent and vendors are frequently paid for their services on a delayed basis.

“Vendors and wrestlers are paid late all the time,” he wrote on the message board. “Janice Carter controls the purse strings. Only a certain amount of money over what they bring in can be spent and it’s prioritized where it goes.”

Janice Carter, who is the mother of TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter, gained complete control of the company’s purse strings in 2010 reportedly as to put a stop to her daughter’s lavish spending sprees after the company’s financial losses were more than parent company Panda Energy International was willing to tolerate. Meltzer reported in January that Carter has set a doctrine of only allowing TNA what is “deemed necessary” in terms of funding as to keep financial losses to a minimum.

— A photo of Mickie James kicking Gail Kim at TNA Genesis is featured on the cover of the newsstand magazine Inside Wrestling. The magazine levies criticism towards TNA having the Knockouts Division revolve around Mickie James and Gail Kim as the headline reads: “Has The Knockouts Division Become The Mickie-Gail Show? It’s Time To Open Things Up – BFG Style!”

  • Sounds like ECW to me. @Jason did u say u give Bishoff handjobs and coffee???? And say u were the biggest draw. Fucc u A Double is the biggest draw.

  • stockshark28

    LOL WOW believe every thing you read do ya! Just in WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is a space alien from the Universe of WWE bleeds green and has eight testies that shoot out WWE Superstars by the butt load and Shane is the Overlord of the planet WWWE in the Capitol sports Nebula!!!

  • Andrew

    @ adam – not supporting Jason or anything (cause I still don’t believe his “status” in TNA after he was outed by xXFindleyXx a while back) but the screenname of the guy he was responding to is “peep this” lol

  • adam

    Also who the hell says peep this anymore?

  • adam

    You didnt say it but we all know your thinking it.

  • Jason

    Peep this you might know that there are many people on this site using my name. I never said anything about a hand job or Bischoff on my post. BTW it’s loser not looser, FYI

  • Peep this

    Great another Internet troll who thinks he has is or might be working for tna. Your actions and poor sentence construction lead me to believe that your some fat fuck who eats pop tarts, gets facts from wikipedia. While your mommy tells you bed time is 900 and to drink your milk. Don’t you have have anything to say other than I have to give Eric a hand job? The only giving hand job is you to yourself cause that’s the Only way a fucking looser like you can get off.

  • adam

    Um jason ECW was extremly popular im sure alot more then TNA is. I’m in chicago and it was HUGE here.

  • Valo487

    Just shut the fuck up Jason. You sound more and more ignorant with every post.

  • Little Jimmy

    Jason Should take over the company. His Name Is Jason Executive Vice President Of TNA-Dirt Sheet relations and interim TNA Janitor.

  • Wolfie

    Jason if you really work for TNA prove it because there has been some proof the other way provided by other people. Also get your facts straight ECW was a Philly company, their New York popularity was spillover. Also their video sales from the ’90s certainly suggest some national audience. You are only using the numbers that support your point, but what about the ones that refute it??

  • Jason

    ECW was never popular outside of the NY market. ECW tried to come to Texas and Mexico in 1999 and 2000 and lost there ass only drawing just over 300 people.

    TNA is popular all over the world. Not WWE popular wise but still popular none the less. If WWE never promoted ECW then most of you marks would have no idea what the fuck ECW was.


    @ Justin sane… You trying to say ” the start and fall of TNA ” ??

  • d

    @ jason correct me if i’m wrong but ecw became pretty popular in less than 10 years they just didn’t have the financial support ( or even a tv contract till near the end ) they needed to stay in business. great booking good story-lines and good talent can do wonders for a company

  • Bastion boogeyman

    It didnt take 10 years for Jason to come out of the closet. It took only a day.

  • Jason L

    Just as I figured. Jason cant prove he is part of the corporate structure of TNA. I don’t doubt him about the handjob part though.

    As for someone who posted in another thread I HIGHLY doubt he’s Jason Hervey. Hervey has much more intelligence NOT to berate the fans and such unlike that guy.

  • Shawn

    How long until Janice calls up Vince and asks if he’s interested in purchasing TNA? You know, exactly how AOL/Time Warner called up Vince and to ask if he was interested in purchasing WCW? It’s the exact same situation. Regarding WCW, you had an entity (AOL/Time Warner) that was funding the company and had overall control, but didn’t understand wrestling. They had guys like Bischoff, Russo, etc running it, but they didn’t ‘own’ it. Same here. TNA is run by Dixie and Bischoff, but they don’t ‘own’ the company. Janice and Bob Carter own TNA, but don’t totally understand the wrestling business. Instead of taking offers, Janice is smart enough to know that Vince is the only man that might know what to do with it. Of course, he will, at least, buy the video library and some talent contracts. Strange how history repeats itself.

  • Nick is Awsome says:

    Thats sad that jason is the biggest draw of the company proving that tna is badly run company jason is the david arquette of tna. And also he is getting paid becuse he is paid by universal studios to clean the toilets and get the trash from around the park and clean up kids puke when they get sick on a ride they pay him not tna

  • Jason

    Well after getting off the phone with Dixie I have found that I am at least getting paid this month so frankly I don’t care about the rest of the guys, since I am the biggest draw TNA has at the moment.

    I didn’t even take time out of my busy schedule typing here and getting Bischoffs coffee to read your response to me, so I will just say that this. You are butthurt that I work for the best wrestling company in the world and you wish you could be like me. Even though everything you say is correct TNA is and always will be the best wrestling company ever, and I am privaledged to call you marks out on your bullshit every day. Fuck you all, until I return. I have to give Eric a handjob and get him some more coffee.

  • CC

    Jason, you cannot compare the era of the WWWF to the current era. The era we in today has the internet and worldwide satellite broadcasting, which was not available back in the day of the WWWF.
    No way can way should any wrestling company take the same length of time to break through as it did back in the day if a company knows how to use the resources available to it correctly.
    WWWF did not have the luxury of being broadcast in other countries on proper tv channels. WWWF did not have internet news sites to spread info or forums to have fans gather.
    WWWF did not have social media such as twitter, facebook and myspace etc

    If you seriously think that things are tougher now to get yourself out there, then its no wonder TNA is still struggling.

    Also, the mental attitude that you had to take a shot at ROH just shows why so many people in TNA are disliked.

    You need to stop trying to justify why TNA still hasnt broken out of the minor leagues in the USA, despite success in other smaller countries.
    Simple fact is, the only reason its so successful in the UK for instance, is its a rare once a year occasion when TNA come over. If they were here every week or month, then people would no longer feel the need to make sure they go to the shows.

    You say it takes time to branch out, but if they concentrated on TNA wrestling instead of all these other stupid projects, like Ring Ka King and All wheels, then maybe the TNA product would be better. Spreading a small company so thinly amongst all these different projects in hope that one will succeed, is not good business, no matter how you look at it.

  • Jaime Arcus

    Just fire Hogan, Bischoff, Flair, who are probs getting like half the money TNA has

  • 1919dpg

    in a way, i’d like them to go out of business just so that we can all say we fucking told you douchebag. but then again a second promotion is obviously a good thing to have around.

    dixie carter is not very smart. in the very least she is extraordinarily gullible. wrestling can be a really simple if you have the MONEY and people who know what their doing backstage.

    for example it’s taken nearly a decade to finally get rid of vince russo and put a decent booker in his place.. and when they do bruce suffers a heartattack….

  • Jason L

    @ xXFindleyXx LMAO. Good one

    Guys cmon do you think that someone actually affiliated with WWE or TNA would be on here ?

    Seriously IF he is indeed a part of TNA then just his attitude and demeanor are doing a great disservice to TNA as they can’t even have someone from their own company act responsible and target people left and right as well as use abusive language like he does and bash wresting fans on a wrestling site comment board.

    Towing the company line yeah I understand that but then again I did say “IF”

    IF you truly are what you say you are then give your first and last name and position in the company and possibly someone can either confirm or deny your affiliation with TNA, which I doubt even exists.

  • True Hate

    TNA had so much potential to be great. They have all tthe stars they need. Just management sucks. they can’t put over the guys who can work the crowd and keep running the same ole shit every week. Sounds alot like WWE now that i think about it.

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    TNA needs Barry Horowitz

  • Justin sane

    Holy hell jason… Do you get your information from wikipedia or craigslist? If you work for tna then good god damn I’m the pope!

  • Tom

    Jason, I’d love to know where this ‘critical reviews’ are coming from?

    I personally haven’t seen, read or heard anything other than disappointment or indifference to a tnstaafl ppv for well over 3 years, with each show revolving around bad booking decisions and cheap finishes.

    I could sit here and write out the flaws in why I think this has happened but I’d rather know what critical reviews Tna are winning, sure theyre UK market is good but as far as I am aware, there isn’t much else going for them.

  • Ryan

    wasnt the WWWF under the wing of NWA though like TNA was until like 2006? if they were still under that wing they’d at least have a safety net to fall back onto, plus back then there was more than say the big 3 of WWE, TNA, ROH and it was more based on territories rather than a global scale so Jason what you are trying to say is that WWWF was in a terrible state back then when it had no global audience?

  • Valo487

    You comparing TNA to the WWWF is so ludicrous it could only come from you Jason. You really have no idea what you’re talking about do you?

  • adam

    First off jason word of mouth or not if you guys dont pay your talent or your vendors your going to have HUGE problems and @Justin sane wouldnt tna of had to rise to have a rise and fall of dvd?

  • Jason

    Justin when WWE then known as WWWF was ten years old they were way worse off then anything TNA is feeling at the moment. It is going to take at least another 10 years for TNA to be able to brance out.

    Word of mouth is spreading and the critical postive reviews are making some loud sounds at the moment. Rome was not built in ten years, hell it took rome 600 years to become an empire. WWE it took 47 years to become an empire. Empires are not made over night it is no dif with TNA or any other brand.

  • Justin sane

    Jason you can call me a mark but fact are facts homie. TNA has been around for 10 years and have failed to make the “impact” they’ve tried to market themselves as. They tried to pick up where wcw left of and thats the problem. Use the same players get the same results.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    *Reads article title*

    No kidding!

  • Valo487

    Pink slips not punk.

  • Valo487

    I don’t want TNA to fail, because there needs to be an alternative to WWE, but until they get tired of trying to be WWE part 2 they will never get higher than they are now. TNA will never beat WWE at their own game, so why try? Be unique, stand out as the superior product. But that also requires a big regime change and a lot of punk slips, and I feel like TNA would prefer to stay lukewarm forever than ever try something bold that just might work.

  • k91xxx

    no cuss!!!! tna suxxxx!!!

  • Justin sane

    @ jason maybe WWE will let you host a new dvd next year… The rise and fall of TNA?

  • This is news?
    We either knew that this was going to happen or we knew that it had been happening ever since that cancer Hulk Hogan came in.

  • Jason

    In other news ROH just went out of business. Source

    See how easy it is to just make up shit and you marks eat it up like candy. lol

  • CM Mark

    Is it really that hard to put out a good wrestling product? I mean come on TNA, you have talented people. Why can’t you seem to put together any decent storylines? You have Jeff Hardy, use him and get back in the black.

  • nick

    than angle could go back to wwe!

  • nick

    tna going bankrupt would be awesome!