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TNA Wrestling Trying to Secure New Video Game Deal

According to PWInsider, TNA executives were in California earlier this week in an attempt to pursuit a new deal to develop a new video game for the company.

Dixie Carter and Jason Harvey met with video game producers from Activision, as they have been interested in making a game for TNA. TNA has not had a video game since 2009 since Midway was bought out.

  • CC

    The TNA game I bought as soon as it came out, and got rid of it in under a week, which is rare for me. The storyline was awful, the moves were basic with very little actual skill needed, and there was a complete lack of titles to make there something worth competing for. Add to the fact that in the storyline all the indy feds had 6 sided rings, kinda detracted from the fact that that ring was sposed to be what made TNA unique at the time.

  • I still play the TNA Impact game, would be good to see a new one out

  • adam

    Well there last game sucked only good thing was the ultimate x matxh besides that horrible game. The movement didn’t flow well and the story for career mode was lame abd didn’t go anywhere. They should put the king of the mountain match ibn it

  • Little Jimmy

    Well It needs to be semi based on WWE’s games giving the player more responsibilities and more interaction. Better game play and more freedom for the superstar you are to do things. TNA has some unique matches so they should be utilized which would help with better quality of a game.

  • Scooter

    So in short the first few will be really good then they’ll release the same game with minimal changes every year.