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TNA Wrestling Terminates Ric Flair’s Contract, Former Diva Attends TNA Show

– According to court documents filed in TNA Entertainment’s lawsuit against WWE for interference with existing contracts, the organization terminated Ric Flair’s contract on May 11, 2012. Flair, however, is still listed as a member of the active roster on

Flair missed a live event he was scheduled to appear at the day before his contract was terminated. He has privately claimed that he quit the organization.

– Former WWE talent Nidia Guenard was backstage with her young daughter at TNA Wrestling’s live event at Bayou Music Center in Houston, Texas on Saturday night. She resides in the area and was a guest of Tara’s.

Guenard left the professional wrestling industry entirely in 2005 and is now pursuing a culinary career.

– Zema Ion will appear at Millennium Wrestling Federation’s eleventh anniversary show taking place September 22 at Memorial Hall 590 Main St. Melrose, Massachusetts.

  • No Name Required

    The fact is your not trying to stay informed you’re just trolling. As far as Flair goes he doesn’t need TNA or WWE he’s a legend he will find work.

  • CC

    @No Name Required … so, do you only read news articles on things you like? Does that mean that if you read an article on Iraq, that you like Iraq? Or if you read an article on a baby killer, that you like baby killers?
    People read articles to be informed, regardless of whether they like the subject matter or not.
    Plus, there are people who like Ric Flair, but dont like TNA. Are you saying that Ric Flair fans have to avoid an article just because it features a company they dont like?
    Grow up.

  • King Albert

    @ no name required, are you a fuckin homo, go cry to your momma

  • No Name Required

    Why do you want to click on TNA links if you don’t like TNA.

  • King Albert

    Flair will be Dolph’s Manager when he kicks vickie to the curb and gets the WHC. TNA were too fucking stupid to use Flair. #TNawful

  • CC

    @philly655 … yeah, cause Flair has never been a GM in WWE has he.

  • Soulshroude

    Flair sucks ass anyway.. good riddance to bad rubbish. He will do nothing in WWE as usual, just showing his face, which in turn does nothing.

  • Stockton Joe

    With TNA’s lawsuit against WWE, WWE would have to be insane to offer Ric Flair a contract until AFTER the lawsuit is settled. And I can’t see Vince offering Ric a contract after Vince gave him that big send-off, and then Ric turned around a signed with TNA as soon as he could. I could be wrong, but I’d be surprised if Vince isn’t carrying a grudge about this. And goodness knows Vince has been known to let a grudge get in the way of business.

  • ant

    wowww its sad people have no respect for the nature boy

  • philly655

    flair for gm??? get real *false idol* he goes off script too often for that, as mr ziggles manager he could help elevate him as long as he dont hog the spotlight (which to be honest, is his “thing”)and nope, dont wanna see him wrestle, ive seen enuf of his wrinkly ass in TNA for a lifetime thank you

  • False Idol

    Flair would be a decent GM for Raw I think…or again to have a role where he is the thorn in McMahon’s side!

  • ant

    now ric flair can return and be dolph zigglers manager which i wouldnt mind tuning into to

  • Bawb

    I actually REALLY liked Nidia back in WWE. She had that absurd relationship with Jamie Knoble, and plus the goofy gimmick completely worked. Plus, she wasn’t bad at wrestling.

  • Splash

    I’d like to see Flair as a manager in WWE if they’ll have him back with an on air role.

  • Maxwell

    No wonder, everybody hates TNA