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More on the TNA vs. WWE Lawsuit and Internal Reports on Brian Wittenstein

– People who work in the WWE offices report that Brian Wittenstein as very open about his knowledge of TNA while working for WWE. Someone in WWE finally realized that Wittenstein could be hurting them with what he was doing and he was fired. Wittenstein didn’t even make it out of his probationary period as he was fired before 90 days were up.

Wittenstein worked on the New York independent scene before getting a job with TNA and later WWE. People in both companies say that he talked too much, had a big mouth and didn’t know his place.

After WWE fired Wittenstein, they wanted to protect themselves so they approached TNA with what they knew. TNA, feeling that Ric Flair was giving them trouble because he wanted out of his deal to return to WWE, put the two situations together and felt like they had the right to file suit against WWE.

As noted before, the feeling within WWE is that they are being sued by TNA for doing the right thing.

Source: PWInsider

  • Kon-Kret

    This is so stupid of TNA if its even true. However, WWE could drag it out in a tactic that will milk them financially in court…..or, Vince will get pissed and flex muscle and become the juggarnaut the WWE is and just flat out buy them too!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • john

    WWE should put two n two togther when TNA took evan bourne & mickie James once wwe fired then both so Ric flair & matt morgan they used to be apart of the wwe so why TNA wanna suit for that crap, notting agansti tna but i stop watching it the last 6 weeks storyline got boring i only watch the TNA knocksouts cause i love mickie james,

  • BigSexy

    heres an idea lol , World Total Nonstop Action Entertainment lol WTNAE
    im just playing

  • SYM

    Why the Hell do you guys think that TNA will die because its suing the WWE? That doesn’t even make sense. @Tyler(: 75 percent of the people on this site are WWE Marks.

  • sdd619

    I don’t know much about the law & i’m a fan of both WWE & TNA. But the court case in itself would cost Hundreds of Dollars. Reports are saying WWE could drag this out for years, while TNA is spending money on court costs. It could be used for expanding which they are not doing. TNA would have to win alot of Money cause this could put them out of business

  • Jura

    I just like wrestling in general. I dont see the point choosing sides.

  • Nicholas

    I don’t get TNA at all what did they think was going to happen when Ric Flair went to the Hall of Fame. You think Vince would let R-Truth go to TNA to do a special heck no. It was a bad move on TNA mark it like I didn’t see this coming they feel stupid for letting Ric go to the WWE event an now he wants to go back. On top of that he bring some TNA guys to the WWE. It doesn’t matter what happens in this law suite because at the end of the day it was TNA that acted stupid on letting Ric Flair go to the WWE event. It was not the right thing for business an it show like I been saying all along Dixie Carter don’t have a clue on Pro Wrestling. TNA is hurting for money so this little law suite may come back to bit them.

  • Mark

    I think that a a whole the prowrestling product is pretty weak right now. I believe that this could be kused by either side to conceivable spark more interest if used the right way. It would be good to have both promotions go balls to the wall full on competing with each other instead of trying to act like the other does not exist. If WWE wants to bash TNA openly, do it. Same with TNA. This is not going to cause true fans to abandon either promotions. As a matter of fact, it could increase viewership of both because again true fans will be watching all the progams the either company puts on just to see what one is saying about the other. I say let the games begin and all of us wrestling fans get to sit back and watch the show.

  • No Name Required

    I just hope this ends pretty quick and WWE and TNA go back to just ignoring each other, but I’m sad to say with the reports of Ric Flair, Alex Shelley, and Matt Morgan headed to WWE this is going to take a while and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know the law and just because you have a lot of money doesn’t mean you’ll win, but it does give you an advantage and if Panda Energy decides TNA is going to be it’s ride or die homie it’ll be a close one but I just don’t see that happening. My guess is they’ll just throw them a few lawyers and wish them the best of luck

  • scooter

    for the record 90% of the time the people who are totally anti TNA aren’t even WWE marks. (because they just don’t care about TNA) Nah the people who are usually anti TNA are indy purists who think ROH should be in TNA’s position.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    So, two possibly unrelated events occur involving TNA and they want to sue WWE?

  • Tyler(:

    No Chris, no one’s fooled you but for some reason every guy who comments on the lawsuit thing is a WWE Mark and hates TNA.

    I couldn’t care less what you gave credit too, I’ve not once said you don’t like WWE.

  • Chris

    Over 50%? Really? You could have fooled me.

    I give WWE credit more than all of you haters for TNA give TNA credit put together.

    I gave WWE credit for their wrestleMania buy rate growth.

    I gave WWE credit for their well written Y2J vs. Punk angle.

    I gave WWE credit for putting on a great B PPV via Extream Rules PPV.

    I gave WWE credit for building up Johnny Ace as a great on screen heel.

    I give my fair share of love to WWE.

  • Tyler(:

    Chris, Over 50% of the guys on this site like both TNA and WWE, so stop calling anyone who says anything good about WWE, WWE Marks. because if it’s like that then obviously you’re a TNA Mark.

    Guys can comment what the feel like saying, whether that supports TNA or WWE, you don’t have to argue every fucking comment that says one thing nice about WWE.

  • Chris

    Poko at least you understand the law so I will give you respect. WWE marks can’t kill them and can’t turn them.

  • poko

    Amazing how so many people have reached a conclusion without any real knowledge of the case or what information Wittenstein revealed to the WWE that ended up with him being fired.

    It makes my head hurt.

    This is incredibly simple, people. TNA is doing what they are SUPPOSED to do in this situation, and exactly what the WWE would do. This is business. If you think a rival has confidential information then you file an Injunction for full disclosure and get a restraining order on any of that information being used until you know EXACTLY what it is. This is standard procedure.

    Whining about what has happened thus far is brainless, childish, and naive, because pretty much nothing HAS happen, except that TNA lawyers have asked for a hearing so a judge can ascertain the situation. It’s bloody basic business law.

    On top of that, I don’t even know what Shawn is talking about with “the weakest possible case”, unless he knows stuff none of the rest of us know. How about waiting until the hearing, since we know NOTHING AT ALL about the case until then?

    Unbelievable. The way people pre-judge when they have none of the facts never ceases to amaze me.

  • Shawn

    If TNA actually pursues this…. we will look back as this being the straw that broke the camel’s back. They’re in a bad situation right now. Suing WWE is the worst possible thing they can do right now, especially considering they have the weakest possible case.

  • scooter

    both sides are stupid WWE for being impatient and TNA for the sheer idiocy of the case. I guarantee TNA could have got more for Flair by discussing the matter with WWE privately than trying to sue them.

  • Malice

    It’s the beginning of the end for TNA folks.

  • ant

    so WWE comes to TNA and tells them that some douchebag is tryna give them inside information and TNA in response SUES THEM? smh thats low how u gon sue a major wrestling company like the WWE for being smart and actually TELLING THE TRUTH

  • best in the world

    So TNA put 2 and 2 together and came up with 78…shock!

  • What a dick move by tna

  • cheesehandler

    TNA, the little engine that could but decide it was better to go against the grain.

  • Tyler(:

    This is so silly -.-