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Partial source: F4Wonline

– Jesse Godderz of Big Brother fame was with Dixie Carter at last night’s TNA Genesis pay-per-view. Godderz is a body builder and has recently worked a dark match for TNA in hopes of getting in with the company.

– Sean Morley wrote the following on his Facebook about his match at Genesis with Daniels: “Did my first PPV match with TNA in a complete zombie type state. I walked into that ring last night with 36 hours of zero sleep under my belt. Never want to take another red eye before work again. Zero sleep sucks!”

– The valet with Desmond Wolfe at last night’s Genesis was a model from Orlando that TNA has used in the past on some shows.

– While not confirmed, early promotional material for TNA’s March 21st Destination X hints that the show will be an all X-Division pay-per-view.

  • Fata Morgana


    you damm right !

  • Al

    i didnt know TNa still had an X division, thought its just a bunch of hogan’s buddies. Well this is actually the first good news from TNA in a while now. hopefully its true

  • Treg

    Wait wait one more thing.. In the last gimmick match I stated.. There will be a DQ when Jay Lethal whips Chris Sabin into the turnbuckle post on the outside.

  • Treg

    Wow.. I could be on the TNA creative team *rolls eyes*

  • Treg

    Nevermind.. it’ll probably be filled with nonsense no meaning gimmick matches. Random Ultimate X matches, the steel one and the cable one, red cage matches.. pole on a pole matches uh.. Steel cage blood bath sex on a pole where if you get a 2 count you get sent to a 5 minute penalty box, but only on the second 2 count.

  • Treg

    I thought TNA was against having a “wrestling” show now? Daniels is suppose to be depicted as a heel for wanting a wrestling oriented show. Ugh.. I gotta stop reading this d*mn news on here.. I’m done.

  • edgehead15

    Who whoa whoa…..Hogan interested in the division that build the company?

    Man Bischoff was right last night…..change is coming

  • 6burgh

    i dont see it happening

  • Phoenix

    wow, an X-Division PPV? w/ Hogan in charge? bwahahahaha

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