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TNA/Spike Reach Agreement on Keeping Impact Live, Impact Rating

– Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a 0.97 cable rating with 1.224 million viewers. This is slightly up form last week’s rating but the first time since the DirecTV-Viacom dispute that Impact has scored under a 1.0 rating on back-to-back episodes.

– PWInsider has confirmed that TNA’s Impact Wrestling will remain live each week through the end of 2012. There may be exceptions on certain weeks during the holiday season but TNA and Spike recently came to terms on keeping the show live. An official announcement should be issued soon.

  • sdd619

    I actually like TNA cause once you get spoilers of a show. Nobody wants to watch it. How many people read the spoilers of a taped TNA show & did not bother watching it. I admit i’m guilty

  • Shay R.

    I could care less whether impact wrestling is live or taped, I’d watch it either way. Although, I’d much prefer watching in real-time, especially with the way the current main event storyline is going. Genius! 😀

  • JohnCena33

    Have Paul Heyman run TNA, if that happened then TNA would be awesome and possibly better than WWE.

  • JohnCena33

    TNA SUCKS! Can’t wait till Angle leaves to come back to WWE for WM30.
    Like I said TNA WONT survive past 2014, theres no way, financial problems and bad ratings, plus poor management, will cause TNA to FAIL!

  • poko


    Don’t be ignorant, 1.224 million viewers is a nice customer base, especially on Spike. The “it’s not as big as the WWE so it must be a failure” mentality is sheer stupidity.

    Anyway, moving on from the fanboys, that’s good news. Impact has been solid since going live. Their numbers are going to dip quite a bit this time of year because of football, but then that’s also true of the WWE.

  • KingAblert

    TNA goes fuckin nuts over 1.0 ratings and claim it’s better, but fuck all people watch. explain haha. pissant opinions don’t count. facts count. and 1.0 is pathetic.

  • SYM

    Oh Hell Yeah. Impact has been great, I’m looking forward to more great Shows. Also if people don’t watch TNA its there lost, they might aswell stick to the World Wrestling Eraser (WWE).