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Tommy Dreamer Announces He’s Done with TNA

– Tommy Dreamer announced on Twitter that he is finishing up with TNA at their upcoming BaseBrawl events. He wrote:

“If u need a reason 2 go 2 TNA shows on 6/10 Marion, Ill & 6/11 Memphis TN. They will b my last 2 apperances for TNA.Come say goodbye. Thnx”

Word going around is that Dreamer and TNA couldn’t agree on a new contract.

He is now taking event bookings through

Source: PWInsider

  • 19Fusion91

    I’m a fan of Tommy Dreamer but if he left TNA thats good but also bad. Tommy should’ve finished wrestling after Hardcore Justice. PPV was good, that right there is a real ECW style WWE! but Tommy could help out with bringing in some new wrestlers or something. So long Tommy, we’ll miss you.

  • grizz

    GOOD RIDDANCE Dreamer! What a joke he was.

  • Hunter

    ”My guess is that both those guys thought that TNA would be like ECW with a bigger budget, and learned it was more like WCW with a smaller budget.” From CC.

    Nothing more needs to be said. Summed up perfectly.

  • Bookitt Danno

    Dreamer has always been out of his element since ECW/WWE hardcore went by the wayside. His age doesn’t help either in that he can’t reinvent himself and become something he isn’t….a non-brawler. With the amount of independent promotions out there, I expect he’ll make the rounds for a bit with all eyes on his phone…waiting for a call from Stamford, CT down the road.

  • Humper!

    and I truly hate how Dreamer and Angle lied about “retiring” and being “Burnt out”. Be man about it and just tell vince you didnt want to re-sign at that point. Now they have a less than 5% chance of getting back with WWE, Especially Kurt

  • Humper!

    @marky mark
    id give them 1year. 1 1/2year give or take.

  • venom


    That’s why we call it WCW 2. I would still be watching TNA if why actually treated Styles, Joe, and Abyss like their top stars. The old school guys in TNA right now are only there because it’s like a part time job compared to WWE.

  • CC

    @charlemange. You are proud of TNA for getting rid of the old timers? Hows that work then seeing as Foley was the one who asked to be released, and they were obviously trying to negotiate with Dreamer but couldnt/wouldnt meet his demands.
    Thats not TNA getting rid of people, thats people getting away from TNA.
    Nearly every single one of the names you mentioned as leaving were not got rid of by TNA, they walked away from it even though TNA wanted them.

    Its only people like Jay Lethal that TNA gets rid of, and thats the company you are proud of?

  • U ain’t Awesome

    Dreamer is nothin but a talentless jobber who was lucky 2 even a job in any wrestling promotion.

  • Marky Mark

    TNA will fold in about…. hmmmmm, 3 years.

  • venom

    What happened Dreamer? What happened about that comment you made, “I’m finally home?” He is was just another washed up guy in TNA that nobody cared about. TNA is good for having washed up guys bury young talent and just quit. Example: Val venis buried Daniels and then quit. Dreamer buried AJ Styles in a ppv match and now he’s leaving. This is why the older guys should be more worried about helping talent rather than trying to win all the time. You can’t brag too much about your sucess when the company you worked for is no longer around.

  • erik

    wwe has bad booking in my opinion. wwe tag team and women’s divison is not as good as it was in 2002-2007. tna has better tag team and women’s divison than wwe. i would love to see monster abyss in wwe. he could be a big star.

  • charlemange

    Bye he really didnt bring anything to TNA and its just another EX-WWE guy who thought they would be something in TNA, Im proud of TNA though getting rid of the old timers. Foley is gone most of the EV2 guys Dreamer, Nash, and Booker. Now all they have left is Kurt, Steiner, Jarret and Sting, Steiner will probably be put in a retirtement angle with Morgan. Just keep Kurt and Sting Jeff can go back to doing something backstage. Now about the Hogan,Bischoff and Flair problem

  • Valo487

    Another one bites the dust.

  • Steve

    I think today should be considered an EXTREMELY good day for WWE. In a few months or so, they will have signed 2 great backstage guys who will be a huge asset to the younger talents moving forward. Triple H has saved WWE. With guys like Undertaker, Nash, X-Pac and soon Foley and Dreamer evaluating and mentoring new wrestlers in developmental, the future is bright! Not to mention the guys they already have signed that are great teachers like William Regal, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, Booker T, Bill DeMott, Dean Malenko, etc., etc….

  • Greatness

    TNA was a mistake all along. Tommy could have retired winning the ECW Championship but no!!!

  • CC

    Sounds like another guy who thought the grass would be greener in TNA than it was in WWE, and probably now regrets jumping ship.
    Honestly, guys like him and Foley are not youngsters anymore, so if they are offered a long term role in WWE backstage or behind a mic, then they should stick with it, not run off to a half arsed company like TNA.

    My guess is that both those guys thought that TNA would be like ECW with a bigger budget, and learned it was more like WCW with a smaller budget.

    Tommy would probably have been set for life as an agent in WWE, and regardless of what he felt about WWECW, he should have been smart enough to just continue backstage.
    Certainly wouldnt bet against him being part of the Tough Enough season 2 training team.