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Tommy Dreamer on if Broken Matt Hardy will work on WWE TV

Tommy Dreamer

As we noted before WWE is reportedly looking to use the Broken gimmick of Matt Hardy on TV but they are apparently creating a new version of the character for their programming.

During the recent interview WrestlingInc, ECW Legend and former Hardcore Champion Tommy Dreamer gave his thoughts on the Broken gimmick among other things.

Talking about whether or not it will work on WWE, Dreamer said that it’ll become one of the hottest things in the company if they give Matt creative freedom:

“You think about one year ago, Matt Hardy was probably the hottest wrestler out there He was probably the last good thing to watch on TNA, and I’m not saying that as a slight to TNA, but he was unique, he was different, he was a character, How he tweeted, how he did everything was in full ‘Deletion’ mode he was the hottest character, and if they give him that freedom and let him be him with that, he’ll become one of the hottest stars they have again.”

While Hardy has been teasing the Broken gimmick on WWE TV for quite a while now, it’s not known when exactly will he debut the full version of it.

Though according to reports, he will acquire the right to the Broken Universe on December 19th and we can expect to see the Broken Matt Hardy once again sometimes soon afterward