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Source: F4Wonline.com

– Everyone is expecting Tommy Dreamer to sign with TNA. One WWE source said they expect him to debut on the January 4th live show but most likely Dreamer will have some sort of no-compete clause since he has asked to be let out of his deal.

– Few people within TNA are believing that TNA will actually give WWE some competition on January 4th. Most everyone is expecting a slaughter in the ratings.

  • Leon

    I predict my at least may hogan will be TNA world heavyweight champion….

  • Wrestling GOD

    Let’s hope Dreamer doesn’t go to TNA i don’t want to see another washed up has been in TNA

  • John

    again..negative comments on TNA yet..i guess WWE RAW is a Great show?? right…go kiss Jon Cenas ass

  • sam

    if t n a expects to head to head with the wwe they better put on better shows then the did in glensfalls n,y a couple of weeks ago. i was one of about 300 people in a 5000 seat arena. it was very lame

  • david klein

    daniel u have it wrong the knockouts r just like the divas just there to sell there ass. they divas and knockouts r great wrestilers but all they r used for is to sell there skin for ratings and jared tna story lines r so boring they dont make ratings. TNA has a lot of work to do if they want to play with the big dogs and bringing in a and bringing in hogan and the nwo is the worst idea they have ever had

  • James Lipton

    I really don’t think they’re going to do another nWo or MEM type storyline here. The fact is, these guys are just too old and the company has too much at stake to allow them to run amuck a la the old nWo. Anyone who remembers the nWo from their inception in WCW knows what they were really like. Not the watered down 2000 version or…. ::shudders:: the WWE version. No, the original nWo was as badass as badass can get. If TNA even considered having Hall, Nash and Xpac do anything similiar to the original nWo gimmick, they truly will regret (it would be even more unintentionally funny that this current DX crap WWE is pulling). Thus, I believe they just may make an appearance, but it won’t be the new World order we all remember. They died sometime in 1997 or 1998.

  • Jared S.

    you know what dan you spoke the truth on that
    I have been a fan of WWE since I was little and i am 21 now

    i have been a TNA fan since 2004. They have an incredible list of athletes that know how to please the fan.
    I have seen this company grow and I am very happy with their success. The story telling has gotta step up. TNA have impressed me in their matches as a 97% of great story telling. but on the mic and backstage. some have caught my eye and some have not. I don’t mean to demean their figure but that is what i am interesting

    I know some are criticizing hulk hogan because he is going to turn into a WCW, but I feel he won’t because I feel this way he is more mature than ever….He was still at the top when he left WWF and that’s why i believe he was one of the reasons why WCW went under. The old dogs don’t want to help out these young pups they rather hold onto their glory….I believe Hulk Hogan will do great at trying to bring this great wrestling company up for great competition with WWE.

    ~ Thank You

  • Matt Griebel

    Because Tommy Dreamer would totally help shift ratings…

  • Daniel Schein

    TNA has been doing some amazing things lately and as I’ve always said they give us the kind of wrestling action we just don’t see in WWE. They have made bold predictions and yes no way they are doing ratings as high as predicted however I must admit all this talk has gotten me very psyched Jan. 4th

    It will be a history making show no matter what happens in the ratings. IMO the key for TNA’s continuing rise will be the continued push of the Knockouts division which all in all they’ve done a fantastic job with and the ladies have provided the ratings as we’ve seen. Also and they’ve faltered on this a bit they must have renewed focus on the X division which is what has kept TNA afloat and made them stand out from a watered down WWE product.

    Most of all the one thing I really see helping TNA is providing a more adult oriented product that fans over the age of twelve can really get into. Some will complain about us getting another NWO/Main Event Mafia type reunion but if done right it doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. They just have to keep there eyes on the ball and not let it dominate storylines.

    I’m optimistic for sure.

  • Thumper!

    If TNA doesnt even believe in themselves then why should any wrestling fan?

    This is what happens when you push a company way to fast to do something big and they arent ready for it.

    I blame Dixie Carter. Who else agrees?

  • rko

    It would be nice for Tommy to get a fresh start. He was a lameduck ECW champion. Tommy might make a nice manager.

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